How to change Netflix email and other account details?

11 November 2021

Netflix streaming service takes care of your free time with the help of exciting and entertaining content. Changing Netflix Email and other information is required because of security purposes. You must have to understand that only the account owner of this platform has access to make changes in the account.

Introduction to Netflix Info Changes

If you are using Netflix streaming service then, you should be aware of the fact, which you can add various email addresses to any secondary adult profile to get personalized suggestions and other communications from Netflix. But these email addresses linked with secondary profiles can’t be used to sign in to a Netflix account.

How to change Netflix email and other account details?

How to change Netflix Email Address on PC?

One can easily change the Netflix email address on the PC and for that-

• Find the Netflix web interface on the computer
• To expand the menu, you have to hover the mouse on the Profile icon
• After that, click on Account, and in the Membership and Billing section
• You will need to Change account email and enter the Current Email
• Enter New Email and Current Password and click on Save to update Netflix email address

When you change the Netflix email address successfully, you will be redirected to the Account Page that shows Green Banner which indicates that your email has been changed

Can I change Netflix Email on iPhone or Android?

You can change Netflix Email on iPhone or Android and for that-

• Open the Netflix app and tap on the three horizontal lines that appear on the top-left corner
• Tap on Account and doing this will redirect you to the default browser
• Look for the Membership and Billing and from there, you can change the Netflix email address

What should I do to change the Netflix password on my phone?

You should change Netflix password from time to time for security purposes and for changing it on iPhone or Android-

• Open the Netflix app on your Mobile Phone and tap on More that appears at the bottom
• Tap on Account and you will be redirected to the default browser to Manage Account
• Then, choose Change Password and you have to enter the current password and new password in the required domain
• You can also select, “Require all devices to sign in again with the new password” for security password and then, tap on Save

How can I change the Netflix password on PC?

You can manage a Netflix account is never been simple as on Windows and Mac. The bigger screen provides a clear view and faster operations and to change Netflix password on PC, you have to-

• Open the browser on PC and then go to Netflix
• Click on the Profile photo and choose Account
• Find the Change Password option in the Billing and Membership section
• Enter the old password and enter the new password two times to confirm New Password and click on Save

What to do to make changes to Netflix Phone Number?

To make changes with the linked Netflix phone number, you have to-

• Visit the Netflix Official Website; you have to enter the login credentials
• Click on the Account photo that appeared in the top-right corner and click on Account
• Click on Change phone number and enter the phone number and enter the current password
• Click on the Save when you are done and you can do the same changes on your Mobile device too

How to change the payment method of Netflix?

For changing the billing details, you will need to visit the Netflix official website by using a PC or Mobile device

• First of all, open the trusted web browser, visit the Netflix website and sign in to your account
• Choose the Profile icon in the upper-right corner and choose Account in the drop-down menu
• Choose Manage Payment info in the Billing and Membership section and choose Add Payment Method
• Select Credit or Debit card, Redeem a gift code or any offer code, PayPal and enter the requested detail
• When you get back to the Manage Payment Page, choose to Make Preferred appears next to the billing method

Change Netflix Credit Card Info

Visit the Netflix Manage Payment Info Page and choose Edit appears next to the payment method. If you want to change the payment method to a different credit card and you can skip adding a new payment and replace the old card detail with the new card details. Choose to Remove to get rid of the payment method.

Change Automatic Payment on Netflix

On the Netflix Account page, you will need to select Change Billing Day to choose a different day for the automatic payment. Choose Billing Details to see the payment history and membership plan as well. Under the Plan Information, choose Change Plan to change the Netflix plan as per your preferences.