Create Own Streaming Service on Netflix: A quick guide

05 April 2021

Netflix has become the advanced equivalent of blockbuster renting in the good era of the 90s. You can create your own streaming app on Netflix and for that, you have to follow a few steps given below. The development of a Netflix-style business isn’t as hard as it looks like. To achieve this, you will need to go through various steps as mentioned below.

1. Find the Niche

This is the first thing that you have to do to create own streaming service on Netflix is to decide what content your application will stream to the users. To give clue on profitable streaming position, there are a few ideas given below –

Create Own Streaming Service on Netflix: A quick guide

Fitness – It is a prospective niche for VOD (Video on Demand) services. People love to pay for a subscription to get access to fitness-related videos anytime. Apart from this, you can add several video categories, such as dance training, yoga, or a healthy diet to grab the attention of the audience.

Entertainment – Netflix, and HBO is the entertainment streaming service that is very profitable. The audience is quite enough to accommodate the new streaming provider.

Education – People are more likely to watch “How to” videos, rather than reading instructions and tutorials. Apart from this, you can select from many sub-niches, such as magic tricks, or cake making, and even origami to grab the attention of the specific audience.

2. Content Availability Decision

Well the content is the main base of the on-demand streaming service, you will need to determine what your content will be

• Would you want to make video content?
• Or, would you use videos from the distributors?

If you wish to cooperate with the video distributors then, you will need a license for public performance and there are two ways to handle that:

• Contact the copyright holder
• Renting a movie from the approved distributor with licensees

Both of the options are reliable and the choice depends on the business goals. If you select the first option then you might contact one of the two authorized distributors or T.V. series and movies in the USA. For the second option, you will need to consult the studio that is the authorized holder of specific content.

3. Monetization Model Selection

For your proposed on-demand video service, you can select three methods of video monetization:

Subscription – Netflix uses this exact monetization strategy. Apart from this, the subscription model is widely used by a third of broadcasters' professionals. Subscribers are charged a monthly payment to get access to a content library. You can use this monetization technique if you will release new content from time to time on your platform.

Advertising – You can change other organizations to run video advertisements on the platform. Still, this monetization strategy only works if your platform will become popular among the users.

Pay-Per-View- It is the simplest pricing scheme that means the users need to pay for every video when they want to watch. You can apply this model in case if you want to create a platform to broadcast concerts, conferences, trade shows, or sports events such as MMA and boxing

4. Video Streaming App Requirements

Fit the video to conduct well, you will need to check the performance characteristics –

• Cloud hosting and computing architecture
• Internet speed and network connectivity
• Payment gateway and security

5. Create on-demand streaming service MVP

During this stage, you will need to justify functional and non-functional requirements, set timelines, and think about the design, and many more. You will need to pay extra attention to the proposed platform design because a smooth and seamless experience of users is the main key behind the success of Netflix. The platform requires a perceptive user interface and therefore, users can easily watch shows and films and create “lists”, search by genre, director, actor, and many more.

You can call on Netflix Customer Care Contact Number UK and get in touch with the experts. The technicians are experienced and help you out with possible resolutions.