What to do for deactivating hacked Yahoo mail account?

16 November 2021

If it is regarding the deactivation of the Yahoo mail account, and also it is regarding the account being hacked, then for a solution to that there are a lot of procedures that the user will need to conduct. In order to get through so many procedures, it becomes necessary for the user to be very well versed with all the techniques as well as all the technical procedures. Though Yahoo mail accounts are rarely hacked as the cyber security associated with those email services is something that cannot be questioned as it is mostly kept tight but still there are users who do wish to switch to other email providers. So here we will see how the users can get this whole thing done very easily.

Canceling all the Yahoo associated subscription services

We all know very well by now that Yahoo is not just about the free exchange of emails there is more that is associated with it. There are so many paid services that are offered to the users under the same brand name as Yahoo. So, if you are using any of the paid services that are coming through your Yahoo mail account or even if it is something else that is paid and is connected to your Yahoo mail account, then for a resolution to that you will need to get that particular service deactivated before deactivating your Yahoo mail account.

What to do for deactivating hacked Yahoo mail account?

Can I download my billing info before deleting my Yahoo mail account?

This is one question that is asked by everyone if he or she is planning to deactivate his or her Yahoo mail account it is so because in general billing-related information and data has always been important for any user. So, before removing the Yahoo mail account permanently it becomes important for the user to safeguard certain billing details that are there in the Yahoo mail account that is to be deleted.

In order to get the billing data downloaded you will have to follow the steps given below:

• You are requested to open the Yahoo account subscription page
• Next, sign in to my subscription
• After that, you should go to profile there you should click on “download my data”
• Then, in the next step please select a process to verify
• Further please enter the verification code that you received
• After this click, the option “download my data”
• Once all is set and done you are then advised to save the file on the system there you will need to click on “ok”

Also, you are advised to see if there are any important pictures or documents that are to be saved on the computer through the Yahoo mail account.

Export contacts from Yahoo mail:

If you are deleting your Yahoo mail account, then you are also requested to get all your contacts exported from it already, if there are any contacts saved.

If you are needed to get it done, then for that you should follow the steps given below:

• Click on the contacts option in “Yahoo mail”
• After that, go to “actions”
• At last, click the option “export”

What to do with a child account linked with a Yahoo mail account?

If there was also a child account linked with a Yahoo mail account, that is to be deleted then the first thing you should do is remove that child account.

After this, you can further move to permanent deletion of the Yahoo mail account from the Yahoo mail servers.

For that to be done you will need to follow the steps given below:

• You are advised to open the Yahoo account termination page ‘
• Then, click on “sign-in”
• Then read all the info related to account termination
• After this, click on “I want to continue deleting my account”
• Then enter an email address of the account that has to be removed or deleted
• After this, you will need to click on “yes I want to close this account”


So, this is how you can get rid of your Yahoo mail account if it has been hacked, the procedures are not tough but through the guide getting it done would be easier.