Exciting and Intresting animated movies on Netflix

26 August 2021

Netflix is the best out of all the OTT platforms that are available for people around the globe, it is through the OTT platforms that the users are able to keep themselves very well entertained, gone are the times when people were more engrossed in television and the OTT platforms were not really popular, but, now this is no more a hidden fact that it is OTT That is more popular among the people.

But out of so many options to choose there is nothing better than Netflix, it is the best because it is an easy to install and to use application and along with that, there is so much that is available from different zones for the users to watch and to remain entertained, also it is seen that as there is so much content available for the users to watch that people do get confused with their choice of what to watch, here we will focus on the animated section of Netflix we will see the list of exciting animated movies on Netflix that are all worth watching. Animated is no more a section that is always watched by the children it is now watched by teens as well as adults in their free time.

Exciting animated movies on Netflix OTT Platforms

The list of the animated movies that are available on Netflix is as given below:

Kung Fu Panda: This is an interesting story about the world of animal warriors, there are well-known Kung Fu masters who are more commonly known as the furious five they are all graceful, serious, and are also focused. Also, there is one among them clumsy, exciting and they can be easily distracted named PO who only wants to be in their company it is here where the story takes a twist.

Over the Moon: This can be a choice for those looking around for a Disney type of background in the animated options available on Netflix, this is the start of direction for Glen Keane who has been an animator for classics like The Little Mermaid, and Tangled. This is an animated musical that has applied so many years of Disney experience and a perfect film has been crafted through the legend of China. The story talks about a sad girl who is young and is also inventive she makes a rocket to pay a visit to the moon so that is will then be able to meet the Goddess who recites there.

The Willoughbys: This is one movie available in the animated section of Netflix that is based on a book written by Lois Lowry, the movie talks about a family that is leading a disturbed personal life, and the key to fix these disturbances is to have some wild changes in their lifestyle the couple in the movie is parenting four children who are extremely talented, also they are eager but the couple really neglects them due to all the issues that are going on in the house so this way life becomes really fussy for the four children.

ParaNorman: This is a comedy that is regarding a boy who is into talking to the dead, and the 11-year-old boy is always happy in conversation with them and he is not at all scared. The boy is obviously considered strange by his friends but what further unfolds is something that is worth the watch.

The Mitchells VS The Machines: The movie that has been designed and made by Sony, talks about a family that uses its unity and knowledge regarding the use of the internet to courageously fighting against a Robo- apocalypse

Klaus: The movie will take the user into a very old era and will be showing things regarding the signature look of Santa- Claus. Also, the movie will talk about his flying reindeer and the tradition of the mailing list for the wishes of the children that is associated with him.

Monster House: This movie was released decades ago somewhere in the year 2006, it is regarding an old house that gobbles up toys as well as trespassing children, the movie is full of horror and creepy experiences but is at the same time it is kid-friendly.

Lu over the wall: The story of this movie deals with an attractive mermaid tale the tale is actually regarding an introverted middle school child whose personality is transformed after his band practice is taken into notice by a beautiful mermaid.

I lost my body: This is animated but is a mature French drama that will be more liked by adults and teenagers.

So, these are all the animated contents that are available for the users to watch on Netflix, also the list that is given here is the best for children to watch, and also it is equally entertaining for adults and also for teens.