What can I do to forward messages in Yahoo Mail in 2 ways?

13 January 2022

Yahoo mail is used for sending and receiving email messages in a simple way. Managing emails consists of controlling communications and using such features to share contacts and messages. If the ability to forward messages suddenly disappeared then, sending emails would become more irritating than ever. Forwarding allows you to share attachments and emails which you have received with anyone else. Also, there is no need to type the whole email again to forward a message in yahoo mail in 2 ways we have discussed.

The reason behind forwarding Yahoo Emails

Forwarding emails can be useful for several reasons. For instance, a personal preference for one email provider’s interface on Yahoo mail. Although there is no need to use Yahoo as your main email provider and want to check the primary email address.

In case of those users who use their Yahoo account for shopping or other purposes, forwarding feature keep those emails separate. But there is a catch that, they can be easily accessed through the main account service.

What can I do to forward messages in Yahoo Mail in 2 ways?

First Way: Steps to forward email in Yahoo Mail on PC or Mac

• Open the Yahoo account and go to the inbox, click on the email which you have to forward to open it
• Click on the arrow that points to the right when the email is opened. There is one above the email subject line and one will appear below the text
• After that, enter the email addresses which you want to forward the email to and add any email which you like and then, click on the “Send” option

Steps to forward email in Yahoo on iPhone or Android

• First and foremost, you should open the email in Yahoo mail which you have to forward
• Then, tap on the three dots that appear in the bottom-right corner
• This is the time to tap on “Forward” and enter the email addresses which you have to forward
• Now, add any message which you want and then, click on the “Send” option that appears in the top-right corner

Second way: Forward Yahoo Messages to Another Email address?

You easily can choose the email account on which you have to forward your Yahoo message, follow the steps which are mentioned below.

• The main thing you have to do is to sign in to Yahoo Mail Account
• There you have to click on the gear icon (settings icon) that will be there in the upper-right corner of the screen
• After that, you will need to choose More Settings and then, go to the Mailboxes option
• This is the time where you have to choose the primary email mailbox
• In the right panel, you will need to scroll down to the Forwarding field. There you have to enter the address on which you want the Yahoo mail forwarded and then choose Verify
• Now this is the turn where you have to sign in to the email account and look for the message from yahoo mail
• All you have to do is to follow the on-screen prompts to verify the account

Setup Account to forwarding emails automatically

To make automatic forward possible, it is advisable to set up your account as per that. We will discuss the exact setup which you have to follow for the same.

Go to thatmessage which says “Enter Yahoo Mail from anywhere”. There, you have to check the box that says “Resend”. Go to the text box titled and find the “Shipping address” and enter the email ID. Enter that address where you have to send your emails and then, click on “Verify”.

Very soon, a box will appear with a message that says “check and confirm the forwarding address”. There you have to check and ensure if you have entered the correct email id. With this, you automatically can forward your emails to another account only from your Yahoo mail.

Important: Make sure to see and allow the notification that prompts as part of this process, if the browser looks to set to block all of them. There are browsers that will block the verification notification which appears after clicking on the “Verify” option. If the pop-up doesn’t be there then, you have to click on the pop-up icon. This icon will appear at the right end of the address bar of the browser and allows the pop-ups from Yahoo Mail.