How AOL mail compose works on android or tablet?

26 September 2020

AOL mail has always been easy for the people to use and for the ease that it offers through its easy to understand user interface it has further made a place for itself at the top in the list of most-used email services. The popularity of AOL mail is not just for the ease of use but also for the latest technologies and the advanced features that are associated with it.

But due to these technologies and features, it often happens that the user may get stuck with the easy procedures like that of AOL mail compose. These procedures are still easy to be conducted on the Windows operating system but with devices like Android and tablet, the process becomes complicated and confusing sometimes. So, here is the guide for the users regarding the composing of email in AOL mail.

How AOL mail compose works on android or tablet?

If one needs to compose mail in AOL for the purpose of sending then the user should follow the given steps:

• In the AOL mail inbox, the user should click on “compose.”
• Then in the” to” field, the user should enter the “receivers email address.”
• The user should then give a summary of the whole email in the subject field.
• Further, the user should enter the whole message in the space for the body of the mail.
• At last, the user should click “send.”

If one needs to compose mail in AOL mail for the purpose of reply then the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should open the email message for which the reply is to be sent.
• The user should then click the option “reply” given at the top.
• The user should further enter the response in the body space of the mail.
• After that as the last step of the reply composing procedure the user should click “send.”

So, these are the ways to compose emails in AOL mail and the procedures are almost the same irrespective of the device on which the mails are to be composed. Though there comes a slight difference in the procedures depending on if the mail is to be composed in response to a received email or is it to be composed as a whole new email from the AOL mail user’s side but that also is not that big of a difference. If a user would follow the steps given in the above procedures then the composing process of emails will be undoubtedly easy for the user.

If in case the user gets stuck somewhere in the given two procedures then the user should go to the experts for help at AOL contact number UK. As the experts are well trained and certified by AOL therefore, the users can also go to them for help regarding other AOL mail-related technical issues the lines are open for providing help and support to the users 24*7 that is all the time and the experts can be contacted through live chats and emails.