How can I fix my Yahoo mail account not working on iPhone?

22 July 2021

If you are looking around for a safe and secure and also easy to use service for the purpose of email exchange then you can undoubtedly stop your search at the Yahoo mail service, this service has been designed with all the features and with all the updated technologies that an email service user may look for in a service like this. Also, the Yahoo mail service not only makes the process of email exchange easy and instant but also the service keeps people and their privacy safe and secure.

The Yahoo mail service is always very well compatible with all the devices, computers, and also the operating systems, the service works at equal efficiency with all the devices as well as the operating systems, but at the end of the day all these services are based on various technologies and features and often it happens with people that they do get stuck with the glitches and errors while using the service. Here, in the guide, we will see a solution for the Yahoo mail account not working on iPhone. There are multiple solutions that the user can try for this here we will discuss all of them well in detail.

How can I fix my Yahoo mail account not working on iPhone?

The first thing that the user should try, for fix to the given problem is that the user should try to download and install the yahoo mail application from the Apple iTunes store or the app store.

If in case, the Yahoo mail service is asking the user to enter any third party password for signing in to the Yahoo mail app then the user should follow the steps given below:

• The user should sign in and should go to the account security page
• There the user should click on generate app password or Manage app password
• From the drop-down menu, the user should choose the app and should click on “generate”
• The user should further follow the instructions given below the password
• Next, should click on “done”
• Then, the user should use the app password and also the email address for signing in to the Yahoo mail app

Other than this, there are some basic steps also that the user can try in order to get the given problem fixed on the iPhone.

Those additional steps are:

The user should sign out of the mailbox and should then get the device restarted and should log in again

• The user should get the device updated to the latest version.
• The user should check if the data on the device is enabled
• The SMTP server settings should be checked
• The user should also see if the app permission is needed and should also get it if it is required

So, this is how the user can get the issue of yahoo mail not working on iPhone fixed, for knowing more, in relation to this, the user should get in touch with the team of experts at Yahoo Help Number UK, also the experts can be connected for the required help through the option of live chats and emails. The users can also get in touch with the team of experts for the fix of other issues related to the service, the users can be sure of getting the most instant as well as the most accurate solution for all the problems related to the service, the helplines are kept open for the users all the time so the users can go to the team of technicians as and when needed as per their own comfort whenever they feel like it There can be no other option better than the experts to ask help from for Yahoo mail.