How can I recover Yahoo Mail security questions?

16 December 2021

Yahoo mail will keep everything safe and secure when it comes to emails and documents saved in the mailbox. This service also provides a way to recover your password through the alternate email address and phone number. It also does do via security questions and in case, if you have forgotten them then, recover them. You can do it just by following a few steps which are available in this post.

Yahoo Password Helper is an online tool as you can the password from the code via Mobile number or alternate email. You cannot use the Yahoo password helper tool if you didn’t enter an alternate email and number while accounting creation. Let’s move ahead with the way to recover Yahoo Mail Security Question in just a few steps.

How can I recover Yahoo Mail security questions?

Warnings for Yahoo Security Question

• You have to go to the Yahoo Helper page and choose I have a problem with the password
• Click on the Next option to move ahead with the next page and enter the Yahoo ID and choose Next
• Choose either the Alternate email or mobile number to get the verification code and after that click on Next
• Enter the Security Code and you will receive a verification code on the next screen and click on Next

In addition, if you choose to get that code by email then, click on the link which Yahoo has sent you. Follow the prompts for the password reset procedure

Recover Secret Question via Contact Form

• You have to send a support request to Yahoo customer support by entering an online form
• Go to the Yahoo Help website and choose Password and Sign In from the list that appear
• There you have to choose Unable to Sign In from that list and enter the Yahoo ID in the field and click on Submit option
• Click on the Email icon and fill the form by entering the asked question. Click on Create Request option and wait until Yahoo is reviewing the request and send you an email for recovery

Yahoo Security Question Recovery: Tip

Enter the Unknown in the Security Answer domain and if you don’t remember the question in the security question as well

Steps to reset Security Questions

If you have forgotten the answers to the Security Questions, or want to change them and follow the steps below

• Go to the Yahoo official services page and move the cursor on the icon that appears in the upper-right corner
• Now, you have to choose My Profile and in the Account Security section and click on the Reset link
• Click on the Continue option to send a verification code to the Mobile phone or record as well
• Enter the verification code and click on Verify option and click on the Resend code link
• After that, choose the Security Questions and enter the answers and click on the Save option

Forgot Password and Security Question: Recover Phone Number

There are some instances when you forgot the password and security question. Don’t have access to login email or recovery email. Use the Mobile Number and you will receive the code on the phone number

• Click on Trouble Signing in from the sign-in page
• Enter the sign-in phone number or recovery phone number
• You will receive an OTP and enter the OTP and you will then be on the Password Recovery Page where you can reset the password

Recovery Information has changed or incorrect

Account security is a priority of email service providers. It will allow you to reclaim the account if you prove that you are the only owner. When you register for the account, it depends on you to enter the most valid and up-to-date recovery details. The best option is to avoid losing access to the recovery info if you have a new phone to change.

Let’s Wrap Up

If you already are trying the Password Helper and are able to access the account then, there are no other recovery options left. It might be annoying to see the failure notice so, this is time to create a new Yahoo account.