Usage of Avast Secure Browser on iOS

30 July 2021

Avast antivirus belongs to the safest and most powerful antivirus categories. This security software is compatible with almost all devices included Android, iOS, and Windows. It takes care of your device and also provides comprehensive protection against advanced viruses, malware, and threats. Nowadays, people use online banking for bill payment, shopping, recharge, ticket bookings, and many ailed transactions.

Avast Secure Browser comes into the market by keeping the banking information saved online in mind. Yes, this secure browser will take care of your browsing activities, and hence, your saved banking details and information will remain safe and secure. We are going to discuss a few facts which make Avast Secure Browser effective for iOS so read this guide and install Avast on your iOS now.

How effective is Avast Secure Browser for iOS?

Avast Secure Browser for iOS

The Avast Secure Browser team has launched a new and advanced milestone on the motive to make reliable private browsing universal with the Rainer launch of two highly demanded features is Support for iOS and the ability to sync browser history and bookmarks for all devices. Although Avast is already available for macOS, Windows, and Android, the addition of the Avast Secure Browser iOS seals a large gap in the demand in the mobile landscape. The Mobile browser for iOS supports iPods, iPhones, and iPads running on iOS and above.

Avast Secure Browser on iOS secures you completely

You might surprise the browser of the future secures the customers and the answer is simple. Avast Secure Browser has various simple privacy features that are activated by default. Depends on your settings, it automatically starts a VPN connection when you open the browser, generating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet to secure your browsing activity from the trackers, hackers, and Internet Service Providers.

Ads are blocked automatically, which allows websites to load easier and faster so that you can browse without any interruptions. All downloaded media and files are completely on disk and you also have the capability to manage the security and privacy settings from one place.

Fast, Secure, Private: Create the browser of the future

As experienced engineers of the customer security products, at Avast, it has believed that the web browser is a single platform that curates and simplifies the fragmented privacy and security service of nowadays to allow a safer and faster browsing experience across the devices.

Avast Synchronization, the brand new feature in the Avast Secure Browser, has accomplished this by allowing you to synchronize useful browsing information between different devices. For instance, if you have switched from the Windows desktop over to your iPhone, the browsing history and bookmarks will be still there for you to enjoy.

The synchronization procedure is completely secured with end-to-end encryption. You can rest assured that you are browsing with maximum protection whether on a laptop, desktop, or traveling with your mobile device. To take benefits of synchronization, you will need to log in to the Avast Secure Browser with the Avast Account.

Wrap up-

Bringing it all together

Avast Secure Browser going multi-platform means that you have got secured across the most popular and famous operating systems across the world and that are Windows, Mac, Android, and now iOS. And bringing it all together flawlessly with Avast synchronization, allows you to synchronize browser history and bookmarks between all your devices, from Desktop to Mobile and vice versa.

Call on Avast Customer Care Helpline UK in case, if you are stuck with any of the iOS installations or any other. The technical experts will help you out in case if you think that you are facing any issues. They have experience in dealing with Avast-related errors and issues.