How to change the spelling Checker Language in Yahoo Mail?

09 June 2021

Yahoo Mail allows you to send emails and one can use it for communication purposes. In this email service, there is no need of using the spelling checker. Instead of choosing a language dictionary for every email, you compose. We are here with the exact step to change the spell checker language by using the new Yahoo mail version.

You have to follow a few steps which are given below to do so. Not only change the spelling checker language in Yahoo Mail, but we will also discuss the exact step to activate the spell checker in different browsers for Yahoo Mail.

How to change the spelling Checker Language in Yahoo Mail?

Change Spelling Checker’s Language in Yahoo Mail

You can easily select the language used for spell checks in the Yahoo mail for an email that you are composing

• You have to start composing an email by using rich-text formatting. A rich-text email will have additional formatting options at the bottom of the screen
• Now, right-click on the message window and after that, go to the Spelling and Grammar and then, click on Show Spelling and Grammar
• There you see a menu that appears under Automatic by Language and it will allow you to choose a new language and you have to click on the one which you want

Here you are all set with the changes of spelling checker’s language in Yahoo mail and now, move ahead with the activation procedure of spell check in different browsers one by one.

Activate Spell Check in Firefox

In order to check the spell of Yahoo Mail emails in Firefox, you will need to activate the feature in the Firefox options. Well, it is a simple process and you have to do it only once. For that,

• Choose the Firefox menu that appears in the upper-right corner and then, select Options
• Make sure that the General tab is highlighted and choose the Check the spelling when you type the check box
• That check box will appear under the Language heading in the Language and Appearance section • Now, you can see the changes are saved automatically

Activating Spell Check in Chrome

The spelling setup in Chrome in as similar to the one in Firefox, but there are some changes in Chrome-

• First of all, go to the Menu icon displayed in the upper-right corner of the Chrome browser and choose Settings
• Then, scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen and choose Advanced and in the Languages section, enable the Spell Check toggle
• At the last, the changes are saved automaticall

Activate Spell Check in Safari (iOS)

The spelling setup in Safari is directly handled from the Safari Edit menu on the menu bar,

• First of all, go to the Edit on the Safari menu bar and choose Spelling and Grammar
• Choose Check Spelling While Typing and after that, follow the last step
• Here, you will need to choose the Check Grammar with Spelling

Is it possible to check spell in Yahoo Mail Messages

Yahoo Mail doesn’t have a spell checker and web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have designed with spell checkers which check for errors as you type. When an error is found, the browser appears a red line appears beneath the problem word. To fix the spelling, right-click on the word and then, choose the correct spelling from the recommendations that are offered by the browser.

Resolution for Yahoo Mail Spell Checker Problem

If the Yahoo mail spell check feature is not working properly on your mail account then, you should follow a few steps given below:

Upgrade to newest version web browser: There might be a chance and this is just a guess, Yahoo has modified the programming behind the spell checker, specifically the drop-down and word replacement functionality so that it works only on the advanced versions of the most famous web browsers

You also can contact Yahoo Customer Care in UK to get connected with the experts for any assistance. The technicians are always there to serve you best in order to fix the issue. The experts have knowledge of every Yahoo-related error and issue so they will help you out.