How to check advanced Netflix phishing scams?

12 June 2021

While Netflix phishing has been across ever as the video streaming service has risen to the importance, the advanced and newest scam is certainly threatening and thanks to the capacity to both seduce the victim and avoid email filters.

Did you get an email or text that requests the Netflix account email, password, phone number, or payment method? If yes, then it didn’t come from the Netflix official website. We are here with some of the tips to check and handle a suspicious email or text and keep the account safe and secure. You can check the advanced Netflix phishing scam and for that, we are here with the exact facts to do after a phishing scam.

How to check advanced Netflix phishing scams?

To know if email or text is from Netflix

Netflix will never ask if there have to enter the personal information in an email or text. It includes:

• Bank account details
• Credit or debit card details
• Netflix password
• Never request payment through the third-party vendor or website

If the email or text links to a URL that you don’t identify then, don’t tap or click on it. If you did that already then, there is no need to enter any detail on the website which is opened.

What will happen if you click on a link or provided personal details?

You have to change the Netflix password to a new one that is strong and unique to the Netflix streaming service

• Update the password on the websites where you have to use the same email and password combination
• Contact the financial institution if you have entered any payment details as they might have been compromised
• Forward the emails to with the above-given steps

Best Ways to Keep Information Safe and Secure

• Be careful anytime when you get an email or text that requests personal information and details
• Never click on a link when it doubts, go to the company website instead
• Never provide financial or personal sensitive details through email
• Check the sender’s address to check if it looks trusted

Security Tips

• On a trusted browser, hover over any links before clicking on them to check the URL and make sure the links go where you expect them to
• Also, it is recommended to install antivirus software that helps to keep your devices and personal information safe and secure

Before you click on a link or share any of the sensitive or personal information

Check the Links: If you have concerns about the email then, contact the company directly. But look at their website or phone number yourself. You will know you are getting the real company and not about to call the scammer or follow a link that will download malware

Take a Keen Look: Where some phishing emails look completely trusted there, bad grammar or spelling can help to tip-off to phishing. Other clues: your name is missing or you don’t have an account with the company. In Netflix, the scammer used the British spelling of “Center” and used the greeting like “Hi Dear”.

To keep all things and personal details protected against these phishing attacks of this kind, it is suggested to inspect the emails for such abnormalities which might check a scam, and cross-check landing page URLs with known addresses before entering account or payment information. Call on Netflix Customer Care Number UK or just mail on to report a phishing scam.