How to check if my Netflix Account is used by someone?

18 February 2021

It depends on the payment for your plan, your Netflix account only can be used by so many people at once. Old roommates, Exes, siblings, or anyone you have foolishly trusted with your password and that account might be used by various people then, you can find out who they are. You can do it just by following a few steps and also change the locked devices.

A simple trip to the Netflix account settings will let you know the IP addresses as well as the locations of those who have been using your account.

• First of all, head to the Netflix home page in your trusted browser and then sign in
• You will see the account symbol in the upper-right hand corner and then, click on “Account”
• Scroll down and then, click on the link that says “Recent device streaming activity”
• After that, click on the link which says “See recent account access”

How to check if my Netflix Account is used by someone?

How to check usage permission on a Netflix account?

You can know whether someone is using your Netflix account without permission or not. If you are seeing “Continue watching” which displays you have never seen or see the “No more streams available” prompt something like this.

Naturally, there might be the possibility that you have left your Netflix account logged in and your sibling went on a cartoon spree. Sometimes, though someone might have hacked into the whole account or gotten your password from someone else without permission. Netflix members always are aware that possible for the accounts to be compromised, therefore the service provides a simple and easy tool to show you exactly what has been going with your account.

Check Logged in Devices

• Login to Netflix and then, choose your account icon that appears in the top-right,
• Choose the profile icon and then, click on the Account
• And then, choose ‘Recent’ device streaming activity
• Review any devices which don’t belong to you

Check the Viewing History

• You can check the viewing history from the account screen and for that,
• Click on the down arrow next to your profiles and click on View appears next to Viewing Activity

Recent Device Streaming Activity should appear you what device was actually used it might include Web Browsers, phone apps, as well as Smart TV. The listings also will include the IP address of the device, time & date, or location at which the unknown device is accessed your account.

Check by following this step to identify all entries which you don’t actually know. If there is an entry that you don’t even know or not able to identify then, someone else might be behind your Netflix account usage. Securing the Netflix account takes quite a coordination, but as long as you can use tabbed browsing and it takes less than a minute.

One tab will open your Netflix account and line up a password change while several tabs will kick out all devices of your account and also implement the password change before the devices get logged in back.

And yes, this is the most systematic way to ensure Netflix Security, and doing these things will keep you prevented from someone who is using your account at the time from logging back before you have changed your password. Well, this is a small thing but yes it can make a big difference. Netflix warns that it might take up to eight hours to remove all accounts from your device which is the maximum time because it generally works much faster.

Call on Contact Netflix Help Service UK to get in touch with the experts for any help. The technical experts are always there to help you and you can contact the teams anytime you want.