Tricks to check Netflix Speed Test

25 June 2021

Netflix allows you to watch movies, web series, and shows in HD or even Ultra HD. For that, you have to make sure that you have a good internet connection speed and your device supports HD and UHD (Ultra HD) video resolution. Nothing is worse than turning on Netflix and finds that it frequently buffering, running in a standard “Blur-o-vision” definition, or dialing to load.

Truly, HD or UHD has become one of the most desired video resolutions whether people are streaming Netflix on their Smart/Android TV, Mobile phones, Laptops, or Tabs/iPads. Netflix low-resolution tube TVs blurred the pixels to make the picture look cleaner and better. If you are stuck because of low quality or blurred video quality then, all you need to do is to conduct a Netflix Streaming speed test and for that, we are here with the exact steps.

How to conduct a Netflix Streaming speed test?

Netflix Streaming Speed Test

If you are planning to stream 4K Netflix videos to the 4K Ultra HD TV then, is the official website for the Netflix speed test which you can use to check the internet speed to make sure if the connection is fast and good enough to stream Netflix as per your need.

The Netflix speed test is different from other speed test sites because rather than checking the connection against a random server somewhere across the world which you might never want to connect to, it uses the content delivery system of Netflix. Well said that you still can use it as a common speed test solution even if you are not using Netflix subscribers.

This official Netflix website is ideal if you are planning to subscribe to one of the lower-quality Netflix streaming plans. You will know if Netflix is fast and good enough to deal with the Netflix videos or also if you will need to upgrade the internet connection plan.

Using Netflix Internet Speed Test

You can run the streaming test from Netflix with the Fast speed test app or via the Netflix official website of Both of them work flawlessly and exactly in the same way.

• First of all, open or download the Fast Speed Test App and the Netflix speed test app works on Android, iPad, and iPhone.
• The test will start just after conducting the step and just wait for a few seconds for it to get it completed
• At this point, all you need to do is to record the speed and assume that it is reliable, but it is always recommended to run it a few times to get average data. There might have been a glitch with the first test or something else on the network might have affected the first number.

On the screen of the speed test results, you easily can choose the Show more info option to see the inactivity calculations and to access the Settings. The settings allow you to adjust the options such as the maximum and minimum parallel connections and the test duration. You can leave those settings alone in case if you are not sure that what they for are.

Internet Connection Speed

Now as you have decided the speed you can achieve between your device and the Netflix servers, and knowing whether it is good and fast enough for streaming Netflix is important. Specifically in case if you want to watch Ultra HD/4K videos.

Netflix has a recommended list of internet speeds for several video qualities. When compared to the speed with the list to see in case, if the network is ideal for streaming those types of videos–

• 3 Mbps is suggested for SD Quality
• 5 Mbps is ideal for HD quality
• 25 Mbps is recommended for the UHD/4K quality

Change Playback Speed

The playback speed setting is available on the web browsers and the advanced versions of the Netflix mobile app on iOS and Android devices. To adjust the TV speed show or movie:

• First of all, tap on the TV show or movie while it is playing
• Then, choose the Speed icon and after that, select the Playback speed

Here, you are all done, and call on Netflix Helpline Number in case if you find that there is some error while checking Netflix internet speed. These steps will definitely work but in case, if it doesn’t then, the experts will help you.