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How to control data consumption of Netflix?

31 March 2021

Netflix is basically used worldwide and hence, it has become one of the popular video streaming services. Credit goes to its outstanding features, as people can use this service as per their requirements. Netflix uses data to stream videos whether it is movies, TV shows, and web series as well. For this reason, you will need to pay to know the data consumption of Netflix allows you to make better use of your monthly quota of data.

Netflix General Usages of Data

Depends on the chosen and available video quality, you can select between four different data usage options that Netflix provides. One can control data consumption of Netflix and for that, first know the video quality plan. Data usage between these options is different from each other so it is advisable to have a look at these options.

How to control data consumption of Netflix?

Options include:

• Auto – It adjusts automatically to deliver the highest possible quality based on the speed of the internet connection
• Low – The video quality is low and it uses 0.3GB/hr for every device
• Medium – You will get a Standard definition for 0.7 GB/hr for every device
• High – You will get HD for up to 3 GB/hr for every device
• Ultra High Definition – For 7GB per/hr for every device

If the video quality isn’t bothering your watching experience then, you can save a lot of data usages just by setting your Netflix data usage from low to medium. Else, choosing HD over Ultra HD could save on the data usage. But it depends on your requirements as if you are someone who actually wants to watch everything in the HD then, you should choose it without any confusion.

Netflix Data Consumption on Mobile Phone

Whether you are using an Android or iPhone, Netflix offers four mobile-centric data usage settings to choose from. These include:

• Auto – This setting allows you to watch up to 4 hours of your favorite shows per GB and it does this by managing the data usage as well as video quality
• Save Data – This setting allows you to watch Netflix for almost 6 hours/GB
• Wi-Fi – With this setting, you will be only able to stream video when your mobile phone is connected to a better Wi-Fi connection
• Maximum Data – It could use 1GB of data or more for every 20 minutes you watch, therefore it is best not to select this setting unless you have unlimited data

If the Wi-Fi disconnect while watching a video, there might be the possibility that it automatically switches to the mobile data often without noticing. If you want to save your mobile data for other things and avoid surprises then, Wi-Fi will be the only great option for you.

Change Data Usage Settings on Netflix

You will need to know about how much data usage can depend on Netflix, you can actively select a setting that will fulfill your needs. You will need to change your current settings, visit your Netflix account page from a web browser.

• Please note that any changes in settings might take a few times to effect
• Make sure that you will need to set the data usage settings for every profile

For mobile phone settings, if you have more than one device, then all you need to do is to set this for every device and for every profile. In case, if you already have set your Netflix data settings while being online then, your mobile phone will use this setting automatically.

You can call on Netflix Customer Care Contact Number UK and get in touch with the technical experts. They will let you know the exact way to save data on Netflix service. The experts are highly experienced and help you out with possible resolutions.