How to export files from Family Tree Maker in a few steps?

16 September 2020

One of the most essential advantages of using a genealogy software program is that when you have entered information on your family into a program and it is simple to share your family file. You might want to email a branch of your family tree to a cousin. Even if she uses several genealogy software programs she can still open your file and view your tree. Or maybe you would like to submit your family tree file to GEDmatch along with your DNA test results, so your matches on the site can fix how you are related. If you want to switch to genealogy software programs, you can make a copy of your family file for uploading to other programs.

Family Tree Maker genealogy software users were left wondering what to do with their Family Tree Maker in December 2015, when has announced plans to discontinue the program well, the company later reversed its decision and instead sold Family Tree Maker to software Mackiev, researchers were reminded of the possible for obsolescence while using any third-party data storage tool. In this guide, we will focus on the Family Tree Maker files transfer procedure so that you can transfer files successfully.

Some versions of Family Tree Maker create files that can be opened in a later version without conversion. For instance, family tree files created in FTM 2014 for Windows can be opened directly in FTM 2017 for Mac. But the safest way to move a tree includes migrating a tree from PC to Mac, which is to create a backup and then, restore it. This should assure that all your media is re-linked and transferred automatically and that syncing with your online tree and if you have one, resumes smoothly.

How to export files from Family Tree Maker in a few steps?

1. In your newest version of Family Tree Maker, open the tree you want to move and choose Backup from the File menu

2. Select a location to save your backup file and click on Removable media if you want to save it to a USB flash drive or other removable media

(Some backup options might not be available in older FTM version)

3. In the Include in the backup section, choose the items which you want to have in the backup. Make sure the Media Files checkbox is chosen if you want to include your photos or other media

4. If the current tree is associated to an online tree ay, choose the Allow restored file to resume syncing checkbox and this will let you have the backed-up tree automatically re-linked to the online tree once it is restored and click on Ok

5. A backup file will be saved to the location your specified and you can now move it to your other computer by using a USB flash, for instance, and place it in an appropriate folder

6. Open the version of Family Tree Maker to which you are transferring your tree and select Restore from the File Menu

7. Go to the location of the backup file which you have created in your earlier version of Family Tree Maker, select it, and after that, click on Open

Family Tree Maker Moving a Tree Using a Backup File

In the Window that opens, enter a name and select a location for the restored and then, click on Save. It will be restored and if the tree in your backup is not associated with one at you can skip the rest of the steps you have finished.

If your backup contains a tree that is associated with one at, the Restore – Additional Options dialog opens choose the Restore sync allows checkbox, and after that, click on Restore

When your tree is restored, click on the sync icon appears in the upper-right corner and choose Sync. Now, from the pop-up menu, you will make sure your restored tree is synced with the ancestry tree correctly.

Follow the above-given steps to export Family Tree Maker without any hassle. Call on Family Tree Maker Customer Service to get in touch with the technical experts for instant support. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. They are highly experienced and well known with the Family Tree Maker software program so they will help you definitely as they can.