How to fix Netflix Payment saying not updated error?

28 April 2021

Netflix allows you to watch any of the videos available on this platform but for that, you have to buy a subscription. For that, you have to enter your card details which are completely safe to provide and save time by entering the same payment method annually or monthly. If you have saved the card details or bank details then you will be auto renewed just before the subscription expiration.

Now think, if you are stuck with Netflix Payment saying not updated error then what will you do? Really annoying this error message is but make sure the error message is prompting on your screen with the payment failure update. If you are seeing an error message “Your account is on hold due to a problem with your last payment” then, it means that Netflix could be able to collect the payment.

How to fix Netflix Payment saying not updated error?

The reason behind Netflix Payment Failure

• The payment method might be insufficient funds • Clear other pending charges or authorizations because it might impact the available balance on the card • The payment method has expired or no longer valid • Payment details provided to doesn’t match the requirement bank has on file

Follow the below-given steps to fix the issue immediately. Make sure to use a good internet connection and updated version of the Netflix application.

Update Payment Method

You will need to change or update the payment method and you can retry the same payment method by entering the existing account information again or just try a different payment option. Netflix also will automatically retry the failed payments constantly on the billing cycle to help you for enjoying the service.

There might be some more reasons for the same error which are as follow:-

Access Netflix Account

First of all, enter in the browser to logon and for that, you have to enter the username or email address and your password

Go to Account or Your Account

Go to the right-hand corner on the Netflix screen after logging in and then, look for a downward-facing arrow that will show a drop-down menu when you click on the arrow. Then look for the Your account and account link. Click on any one of these two descriptions available in the country to access the Netflix account.

Update Payment Detail

When you are in your Account and go to the “Membership and Billing” and after that, look on the right-hand side of the screen for the “Update Payment” link and click on it

Enter the Payment Details

A new screen will notify and asked to re-enter the account detail and enter the account holder details, card expiry number, card number, and the security code on the credit card or debit card which you have registered on the Netflix account with.

Contact Financial Service if Unsuccessful

If you are not able to enter the payment information then, re-enter the account information or re-enter the new account information and contact the financial service. There might be a number of causes or a security breach on the account then, it is best to go to the reason for the registered card not working so it is best to know the causes might be with the financial institution.

You also can get in touch with the Netflix experts for assistance regarding the same. For that, Netflix Contact Number UK is the only number and here you can get all the resolutions and answers to Netflix-related issues and errors. Sometimes the error is linked with Netflix only and hence, calling the technical expert will become a helpful resolution as they will fix this payment failure issue without taking so much time.