How to get yahoo mail accounts without a phone number?

10 March 2021

Creating an email account is the easiest of all the procedures all that one needs to have is an internet connection that is active and also it should be in well-working condition. But as it comes to the yahoo mail service in particular that is where things do get complicated sometimes it is so because there are many advancements and also latest features associated with the setup of the yahoo mail service understanding all those technologies and features often becomes a problem for the people as most of them are not from proper technical backgrounds.

It is not just about creating an Email ID in yahoo the complication automatically increases with the process of getting the account created without a phone number, as without a phone number the process of verification gets stuck. So, here to make the whole process easy and smooth for the people we will see the process of getting yahoo mail accounts created without a phone number well in detail with all the steps.

How to get yahoo mail accounts without a phone number?

In order to sign up for a new yahoo mail account without a phone number the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should open the yahoo official website
• Further, the user should click “create account”
• Next, the user should enter the email address
• Further, the user should enter the first name next the user should click “last name”
• After that, the user should create a password
• Also, the date of birth should be entered in the field
• The user should next click on the “Google icon”
• There the user should sign up with the Gmail account
• If the user wishes to sign up with Email then the user should click the option “I want to create a new yahoo Email address”
• The user should select an email address as an alternate
• If the user will try to sign up through the Gmail account then in that case the user will send a prompt to log in with the Gmail account.

Once the user will read this given process carefully the conduct of the whole process would become very easy, the process if done stepwise would not be that tough for the user to complete.

So, in a similar way the user can get yahoo mail accounts created in bulk also without using a phone number for the purpose of verification. If required then to get more information or help the user should get in touch with the technical team at Yahoo Toll-Free Contact Service UK. The users can also get in touch with the experts through the option of live chats and emails the user will get the most instant as well as most accurate resolution for all the possible issues and errors related to the yahoo mail service. The helpline remains open all the time the user can ask for help from the experts as per their own comfort zone from any corner of the world.