Resolution for Netflix error code m7353-5101

07 July 2021

If you have finally decided to go for an OTT subscription then there is nothing better than Netflix that you should choose, it is so as to out of all the OTT platforms the best content is available for the entertainment of the users all the time. Also, Netflix is not just limited to certain kinds of audiences; the OTT platform is seen filled with enough content for all types of audiences around the globe.

Also, the use of the application is very easy to be conducted, and the application has been designed in a way that it is very well compatible with all the devices and operating systems, yes Netflix is the most popular OTT platform that is available right now but still as all such applications has some or the other technology involved in the workings of the application, so some of the technical glitches and errors are not avoidable. Such as here in the blog, we will see a solution for Netflix error code m7353-5101.

How to instantly resolve Netflix error code m7353-5101?

Before getting into the process of solution, it is necessary for the users to know the reasons behind such an error code, knowing the reasons will further make it easy for people to deal with it.

Possible reasons for the occurrence of Netflix error code m 7353-5101:

• If it is Windows 10 in use then there might be some browser extension conflicting with the workings of Netflix on the system causing the error code.
• Using an outdated browser
• The problem can be because of a third party add-on
• The problem can be with the VPN or proxy
• It can also be the security software conflicting with the workings of Netflix

Now after all the possible reasons behind the Netflix error code, we shall further see all the possible fixes that one can apply for the clearance of the Netflix error code.

Restart system and clear cookies: In order to get the system restarted the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should shut down the system and should then get it restarted
• Also, the cache and cookies should be cleared
• After that, the user should sign in to Netflix and should see if the error has been fixed
• If in case the error code is still there, then the user should move further and should try to fix the error code with another trick.

Disable extensions: In order to get the extensions disabled, the user should follow the steps given below:

• The user should open the browser and should enter the address in the address bar
• The user will then get to see a list of extensions, from that list the user should deactivate one extension at a time.

If this trick also fails, with the fix of the issue, then the user should try using a different browser for streaming Netflix. If the same error code appears again then the user will have to disable the antivirus software program from the system if it is active on it. If even after disabling the antivirus software program the problem remains then the user should move to the use of the next trick.

Disable proxy: In order to get the proxy disabled, the user should follow the steps given below:

• The user should press Windows along with R on the keyboard
• Then in the Run dialog box, the user should enter the relevant command
• Next, in the connection tab, the user should click on LAN settings
• The user should see that the “Automatically detect settings” box should be the only checked box.
• After that, the user should click “ok” and should get the system restarted

If other than, all the information that has been provided here, the user feels the need for any more information then, in that case, the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts they can be connected for the required help at Netflix Customer Care Number UK. Also, the experts can be connected for the required help through the option of live chats and emails lines are open for the help of the users all the time they can be connected for the required assistance as and when needed.