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Immediate action to take for hacked Yahoo Account Recovery

19 December 2020

Keeping an email service safe and secure is your first duty. There are so many email services that come with excellent features to keep your account secure. Just think that you have opened your Yahoo Mail account and found that there are some unusual activities in your Yahoo account. It means that your account is being hacked and your emails are in danger. In this case, you will need to recover your Yahoo Mail hacked account and for that, follow a few steps given in this guide. Before that, let’s move with some common causes behind the hacked Yahoo mail account.

Common causes behind hacked Yahoo Mail Account

There are a few causes that make it simpler for the hackers to interrupt your Yahoo Mail account and these reasons include:

• Sometimes, using a similar password for your Yahoo account might get you stuck
• There might be the possibility that you have used a simple password for your accounts such as Yah00, 1234, Passw0rd, or any simple password that can be easily guessed
• There might be a possibility that you have accessed your Yahoo mail from an untrusted device
• You might get into an email phishing scam and the spammers flooded your email address
• Also, you have accessed your Yahoo account over an unsecured Wi-Fi network
• There is a possibility that you have shared your password with a colleague, unknown person, or relative as well

How to recover Yahoo Mail Hacked account?

How do I come to know that your Yahoo Mail Account is hacked?

• Yahoo contacts receiving spam messages from your email address
• Yahoo email account isn’t receiving emails suddenly
• Your email account might get accessed from other countries or from unexpected locations. You can check it in the “Recent Activity” section
• Yahoo Account info or Mail Settings such as reply-to-address, and email filters have been modified mistakenly
• Someone might have modified your Yahoo login details or password

It is a smart choice in case, if you have changed your Yahoo Mail Password and if you have doubt that your Yahoo mail has been compromised and you haven’t changed your password then, reset it by following a few steps given here.

Steps to reset the password of Yahoo Account

Resetting your password not only lets you get access to your account but also prevents another person from the control of your account. To reset the password of your hacked Yahoo Mail account, you will need to follow a few steps given below.

• First of all, open a supported browser on your PC and then, go to the Yahoo Sign-in page and enter the Yahoo email address, mobile number, and username in the required field and then, click on the Next option
• Here you will be asked to enter the account password and then, click on the “Forgotten password” that appeared just below the “Next” option
• After that, you will be asked to choose an account recovery option that you have used with your account
• Click on the option which you are known with and have access to it and if you don’t have access to the recovery options then, call the technical experts at Yahoo Help UK to get connected with the technical experts for any help
• When you choose any of the recovery options, then Yahoo will send you a verification code on the chosen email address or phone number
• After that, enter the 6 character verification code in the provided field and click on “Verify”
• If you are authenticated then, you will be directed to the next page to set a new password for your Yahoo mail account
• Now, enter your new password in the required field and then, click on the Continue

Your account is retrieved and you easily can use it with the new password

• If are not accessible to the provided recovery phone number and the email address and then, click on “I need more options”
• Here, you have two more options to retrieve your hacked Yahoo mail account
• Visit the free help site – It is free to support that is offered by Yahoo Support Care
• Call Premium Customer Care – This is a paid customer service offered by Yahoo

Follow the above-given steps to get your Yahoo hacked account recovered. Call on Yahoo Help Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any help. The teams are available all the time and they have knowledge of all Yahoo related configuration and setup so they will help you out.