How to troubleshoot AOL IMAP server not responding on iPhone?

11 February 2021

AOL mail service is known among the people for its outstanding compatibility with all types of devices such as Mac, iPhone, laptop, or computer. The service is equally easy to be used on all the devices and also all the operating systems. The main motive of AOL mail service is to exchange emails among the people and thus to further establish easy communication between them.

The AOL mail service has been designed with all the easy yet very advanced features, the advancement of the features makes the service safe and secure so this is yet another reason for which the AOL mail service is so very popular among the people. But here it has not to be regarding the AOL mail service popularity it has to be more than that here in the guide we need to focus on the AOL email account IMAP server on iPhone not responding. We will see in detail the reasons for the occurrence of the issue and also we will see the steps that one should take for the solution of the problem.

Reasons for the occurrence of the issue:

• The issue can be related to the internet connection
• Technical issues in the email server
• The problem can also be of load on the server due to too many emails coming and going
• The problem can also be of incorrect AOL mail password
• The issue can be in the AOL mail application
• Incorrect server configuration
• The security programs can also be the reason

How to troubleshoot AOL IMAP server not responding on iPhone?

Steps for resolution of the given issue:

• The user should get the AOL mail application uninstalled and the application should then be reinstalled
• The account information and the details should be checked and updated to the latest version
• The AOL mail login details should be checked
• Also, all the security providing programs should be disabled for a while.
• The IMAP configuration should be done manually.
• The user can also try fixing the issue by refreshing the AOL inbox.
• The user can also try to fix the issue by turning on the airplane mode and then turning it off.
• The user should also get the Google captcha unlocked.

The problem will be resolved after the user will follow the steps as they have been given here, if other than this the user still needs to know anything more than in that case the user should get in touch with the team of experts at AOL Contact Support Service UK. The technicians can also be reached for the needed help through live chats and emails. There is no such issue that cannot be resolved by the technical team lines are open all the time that is 24*7. The experts are very well versed with all the skills that one would need for maintenance of the AOL mail service. The user can be sure of getting instant as well as the most accurate solutions for all the possible issues that can occur on the setup of the AOL mail service.