How to install Netflix on Windows 11 after downloading?

03 January 2022

You must love to stream movies, or might be Netflix has now become one of the best apps. You want to try it on the Windows System then you are at the right place. Netflix is one of the best OTT platforms across the world and supports iPads, iPhones, and Android as well. Now it is also available for Windows systems and we will discuss the exact procedure to install Netflix on Windows 11 after downloading from the official website.

Let’s move with the trick to download Netflix so that, you can easily install it on the Windows 11 OS.

Download and Install Netflix on Windows 11

If you have chosen Windows 11 operating system and want something entertaining on the PC then, Netflix will be the best choice for you.

How to install Netflix on Windows 11 after downloading?

• To get Netflix on the Windows 11 PC, you will need to open the MS app and for that “search “Store” in the Start Menu
• After that, open the Store app and search for the Navigation bar from the upright corner side of the Store Window. Find “Netflix” on that search bar
• Now, you have to click on the first related option and you will redirect to the Netflix detail page in the Microsoft Store. From there, go to the “Get” link

Here you are all set, wait unless Netflix is ready to be used on Windows 11 PC. You can use it after subscribing it with the best Netflix plan

There is one more way through which you can stream Netflix service. You can stream Netflix on the website and for that, move ahead with the steps.

Netflix via Website

You can watch Netflix on the Windows PC and for that go to This service is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers.

• First of all, go to from the trusted web browser
• Choose Sign in and provide Netflix credentials
• Now, you are successfully signed into the Netflix account

Netflix App for Windows 11

• Choose Store and from the Start Menu
• Go to the Start menu and choose Store
• Choose Search and enter Netflix in the Search box and press Enter
• There you have to find Netflix from the search results
• Choose Install and if asked to sign in, then access entering your Microsoft information
• Get back to the Start menu and choose the Netflix app
• Choose Sign in and if you are not a member then, sign up for Netflix
• You have to provide the credentials of the Netflix
• Now, choose the Sign in option that appears on the screen

Now, you are successfully signed in to your Netflix account

Netflix is known for having 125 million hours stream duration per day. It consists of everything from new drama series to reality shows, fashion shows, historical content, latest movies, design shows, documentaries, children’s shows, and many other genres. Due to suggestion systems, you can see other content which might suit the viewing patterns.

Troubleshooting Netflix installation on Windows 11

There might be instances when you get stuck with the installation procedure. Well, in that case, we are here with the exact troubleshooting methods below.

Fixing 1 – Start Windows Store app troubleshooter

If Windows 11 app is not working then, you will need to run the dedicated troubleshooter. If Netflix is not behind this issue then, running an app troubleshooter will definitely work. If you are the one who is stuck with the same then, you should move ahead with the steps which are mentioned below.

• Run Windows Store app troubleshooter
• Go to the Settings app then, move with the option Update and Security
• There, choose Troubleshoot from the left panel
• Now, expand the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter
• This is the time where you have to click on Run the troubleshooter

Fixing 2- Reset the App

It looks like some installation was not the main issue. They got their hands on the Netflix app somehow and conduct a successful installation of it. The app won’t start just after as there is no reaction when you start it. In fact, it seems that it is not even available on the system.

If you can find the app within the installed programs, you might be able to resolve it. The only thing which you should do is to reset it to the factory values

You can reset the Netflix app on Windows 11-

• Open the Settings section by pressing Windows key + I
• After that, select Apps and expand the Netflix app and open the Advanced options
• Click on Reset and if the issue still persists then, move ahead with the steps mentioned below

Fixing 3- Run script to delete Netflix app and reinstall it

If the system is restricting uninstalling the Netflix app for some reason then, there is the utility script that allows you to delete all Windows 11 apps. You can do it in bulk or one by one and when you remove the app successfully then, the installation won’t be that much tough.

Don’t forget to restart the PC when you uninstall the app.

You will need to download the utility/script

Extract it from the ZIP file and run either 64 bit or 32-bit version that depends on Windows 10 architecture

• Click on the Get Store Apps to allow the tool to access the installed apps list
• There you have to click on Netflix to highlight it and click on Remove Chosen Apps
• Now, you will need to restart the PC and find the MS and search for Netflix

You should now try to download the app again

When you are all set with the troubleshooting methods then, you can see that Netflix is installed on Windows 11. Make sure that you have a good internet connection and use an updated Windows version because an old version might not allow you to install any app. Although these resolutions will definitely work if not then, calling Netflix UK is the best way to get instant assistance regarding any issue.