Is it possible to customize the reply-to address in Yahoo Mail?

15 June 2021

Yahoo mail has become one of the best and famous email services and is used across the world. One can easily send or receive emails and also customize the email settings as per their need. When you send emails from the Yahoo mail account, replies are delivered to the address from which they were sent previously.

Well, it is possible to change the reply-to address for the Yahoo Mail messages which are provided you have another email address that is linked to the Yahoo Mail account. We are here with the exact steps to customize the reply-to address in the Yahoo mail. You have to follow the below-given steps as mentioned in the methods.

Is it possible to customize the reply-to address in Yahoo Mail?

Quick Ways to Change Reply-to Address in Yahoo mail

You can easily change reply-to address in Yahoo mail and for that, make sure that you are using an upgraded version of Yahoo mail.

Set a reply-to address for any account which you use in the Yahoo Mail-

• First of all, choose the gear that appeared in the upper-right corner of the Yahoo mail<> • Choose More Settings and then, choose Mailboxes
• After that, choose Add Mailbox and provide the login credentials (email address and password) for the alternate email address to link it to Yahoo mail
• In the Mailbox list section, you have to choose the email address for which you have to set the reply-to address
• In the reply-to address section, you should choose a different email address and scroll down in the right panel and choose Save

By default, when you send someone an email and they click on Reply, the email address from which you sent the email will get the reply. You have to change this behavior so that when they reply, their email will be delivered to a different address which you have chosen

Steps to set Reply-to-address in Yahoo Mail

• First of all, login to the Yahoo mail account and locate Option this displays on the top-left corner of the screen
• Now, click on the Options tab and then, choose Mail Options
• After that, click on the “Mail Accounts” that appears on the left panel of the existing screen
• After that, put the mailing address whom to add the into “reply-to-address” and then, click on the Save option to apply these changes

You have got a friendly email in the Yahoo Mailbox and now you want to send a reply to the sender and nothing could be simpler if you know how to do it.

Reply to an email in Yahoo Mail

• First of all, open the message by choosing it in the Inbox and then, press R
• Else, you also can choose the Reply option in Yahoo Mail’s toolbar
• This is the time to compose the message and choose Send option

Reply to Email in Yahoo Mail Classic

To send a reply to an email message in Yahoo Mail Classic

• First of all, open the email by choosing it in the Inbox
• Now, choose the Reply that appears at the top-left side of the main panel (a single arrow pointing to the left)
• Else, you also can choose Reply All (double-arrow left side) or Forward (right-arrow) your email reply
• Add or remove any extra recipients in the CC, To, or Bcc fields, and then start composing your reply
• When you are done with the editing then, choose to Send to deliver the Reply

Here you are done with the sending reply or customizing the reply-to address in Yahoo mail. You can know more just by reaching the experts at Yahoo Customer Care Number UK to get instant assistance with the Yahoo experts regarding Yahoo mail.