Differences of Hotmail and Live

21 October 2020

Well, the topic given here has been a matter of discussion and also it has been a matter of confusion most of the time for many users over time. Such confusions are very common and we can also say they are obvious to be seen in many people as both of them are in some way or the other connected to Microsoft and also because the product and service list of Microsoft doesn’t end here being a huge name in the IT sector Microsoft is known for offering the people with various types of IT related products and services. Such a huge list of products and services being provided by the same company further opens doors for more confusion in the minds of common people.

So, here this guide will be helping those who are not much into technical things and therefore are confused with the difference between Hotmail and live. Though both are connected through one name that is Microsoft still there are many such points associated with both of them that make both of them very much different from each other. So, here we will be discussing all those points in detail so that the users will be able to get a clear view regarding this topic of discussion.

Is there any difference between Hotmail and live?

The points to be considered for understanding the difference between Hotmail and live are given as follows:

• Hotmail is a web-based email service while on the other hand Live is a brand name given to a group of Microsoft products.
• Hotmail is considered as a part of the Windows Live services.
• Live is a new campaign of Microsoft whereas Hotmail is a service that was taken over by Microsoft long back somewhere in the ’90s.
• In its early days, Hotmail was a part of MSN services, now as we said above it is a part of Windows live services so it is known as the Windows Live Hotmail.

So, these are all the significant points of differentiation between Hotmail and Live, other than this if the user feels the need for any other information in association with Hotmail or if the user needs help with the resolution of any technical issue associated with the Hotmail service then, in that case, it is best for the user to get in touch with the experts at Hotmail support number UK lines are open 24*7. The well trained and certified technicians can also be reached for help through live chats and emails.