Is there any way to archive or mute Yahoo Messages in Account?

05 January 2021

Yahoo mail has become one of the best email services and it comes with new and exciting features to enhance the experience of the users. This email service has its own app that allows you to use your email account right from your handy devices and yes it makes your life simpler and easier while on the go. If you are on vacation and want no messages on your Yahoo mail then, definitely it is not possible. But you can do one thing and that is to mute the Yahoo Messages in Account. Yes, Yahoo provides you an outstanding and interesting way from which you can mute messages in your Yahoo account.

You will need to follow a few steps given in this guide. Before that, you will need to make sure that you are using a strong network connection because a weak signal might get you stuck while doing this step. Also, make sure that you are using an updated Yahoo Mail and if not then, install the available updates and then, try to move with the steps.

Is there any way to archive or mute Yahoo Messages in Account?

Turn off Yahoo Mail conversation

• First of all, tap on the Profile icon and tap on Settings
• Under the “Message List”, swipe the “Conversation” slide left to turn off the Conversations
• After that, you will need to tap on Done to save your preference

Mute Yahoo Mail Notifications

• Open the settings of the gadgets
• Then, tap on Apps and Notifications
• Now, tap on Yahoo Mail and Notifications
• After that, tap on the Show notifications toggle button to turn off the notifications

Here you are all set with the steps to mute your Yahoo mail conversation and in case if you fail to do so then, it is advisable to follow the next steps.

How to archive Yahoo Messages in Accounts?

Moving emails from the inbox in Yahoo mail you should delete them or you can move them to a specified folder. There is no alternate archive function that is effective in moving emails from the inbox to a general archived email pool. You can create your own customized folders and also can manage your incoming emails and keep your inbox clean and manageable.

Create Folders

When you logged into your Yahoo mail you will need to click on “Folders” to create new folders for message archiving. Now, click on the icon that shows a symbol + on a folder shape and then, provide a name for each folder which you actually would like to create. You might have some separate folders and you will need to click on the Yahoo mail envelope icon to get back to the inbox.

Archiving Emails

There are so many ways through which you can send emails from the inbox to the folders which you have setup. You also can open an email and select “Move” and then, choose a folder. After that, you can choose multiple emails by using the tick boxes and after that, open the “Move” menu and you can alternatively choose multiple emails and then, drag them into one of the folders that are appeared on the left. Messages are successfully moved to the folders and disappear from the inbox and can be stored in only one folder.

These are a few ways through which you can arrange your Yahoo message as per your requirement. Doing this will keep all of your important messages in a safe folder and provides a clean look to your inbox. In case, if you are facing any issue while doing this then, call 24/7 Yahoo Contact Number Support and get in touch with the experts for the same. The experts have knowledge of Yahoo mail so they will definitely help you out with a possible resolution.