Mother's day special movies to binge with mom on Netflix

15 May 2021

The greatness of Mother’s is something that cannot be explained by anyone in any words, the greatest of the poets and the writers have never been able to justify Mother’s accurately ever. If it is about showering them, with love and affection then seriously that cannot be a matter of one or a few days for a Mother to keep on showering her love for her children always and forever.

Netflix the leading entertainment platform understands all of this very well, so if by any chance due to your busy schedule you have not been able to give time to your Mother or if by mistake you forgot to pay a tribute to her on the recently gone mother’s day then though your offense is not pardonable life is all about moving on and making improvements in yourself, so here Netflix is at your service to help you with those improvements. This weekend you can compensate for all the quality time that you and your mother have lost so far. The huge video library of Netflix has many movies to binge with Mom on Netflix. You can just turn them on and can sit with your mom watching those movies.

Mother's day special movies to binge with mom on Netflix

Here, to make it easier for you we will list down all the good movies that one can watch with mom with the hope that you and your mom will have a gala time with each other watching those movies.

The list of all those movies along with all the important details related to them goes as follows:

Lady Bird: If you are a mother-daughter duo then this is the best thing for you that is available in Netflix video library, the star cast of the movie includes Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf, the movie is really very close to reality there are many instances shown in the movie to which almost all the mothers and daughters will feel connected.

Dumplin: This movie will again be another best catch for all the mothers and the daughters as the movie very nicely depicts the tough journey of a mother raising a daughter all by herself, along with that the movie also shows a daughter who has a complex about her weight and image and is unable to emotionally connect with her mother after her aunt and the caretaker passes away.

Fun Mom Dinner: This is a light-hearted comedy that has been made up around a group of ladies who have pre- school-going children; the story is weaved all about the dinner get-together planned by these moms for themselves.

Wine country: This is another comedy that is a fine mother’s day watch, it is not a direct mother centric movie but its relations with the Wine automatically connect, with the subject of mom.

Otherhood: This movie on Netflix is purely dedicated to mother’s day and is based on a novel named” Whatever makes you happy”.

Eat Pray Love: This again cannot be given the name of a mother’s special movie but it is a women-centric movie that talks about womanhood and humanity.

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