Why Netflix App is not working on iPhone 11 Pro?

11 December 2021

Netflix app has been the best thing for many people for many reasons; there is so much easy entertainment that is there associated with the use of this app on any device. Yes, this is another reason that makes Netflix a good choice for people; the app is well compatible with all the different types of operating systems and devices.

Netflix app on iPhone 11

Yes, this is true you can easily use the Netflix application on your Apple products and devices as well. You will just have to buy a subscription to the app. There are so many in-budget options that are available for users to choose from. But, yes with the advancement of the iPhone 11 there are chances that the user may find it complicated to use the app. Users may get into a trap with the issue of the Netflix app not working on iPhone 11 Pro. This is however a very common problem that crops up very often here we will see how one can deal with it.

There are so many options that you can try for the solution of your Netflix app if in case it is not working on your iPhone 11.

Why Netflix App is not working on iPhone 11 Pro?

Netflix app reset-

This is the first thing that the user should see in this case, resetting Netflix helps people in various ways.

For reset please follow the steps given below-

• Open the home screen on the app there click on “settings”
• Further swipe down and look for the Netflix app
• Click on that to choose the app
• Put the reset toggle option and turn it on
• After this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and next go back to the home screen

If even after this, the problem remains and you are not able to use your Netflix app on your iPhone11 then you should move on to trying more solutions for the same issue.

Turn WI-FI off and then switch it on again-

Well, the issue can also be because of some problem with the internet connectivity, so for a solution to that given below are the steps to follow.

For fixing the internet connectivity problem please follow the given steps-

• Please open settings on the home screen
• Next, please choose WI-FI
• Turn off the WI- FI switch
• After this, please turn on the WI- FI again

There are also, other ways through which you can easily fix the problem related to the problem of internet connection.

• On the home screen of your device open “settings”
• After this, click on “airplane mode”
• Once you turn on the mode you can then further restart and also reset your device
• After this in the airplane mode menu click and open the “settings menu”
• Once, it is done please Wait for iPhone to get the signals established as per wireless setup

Reboot your IOS device-

If you need to fix the problem of the Netflix app not working on iPhone 11, then rebooting your device is also a thing you should try.

• On the device press and hold the volume up buttons
• After this release, the buttons and also slide to power off bar wait for that to appear
• You should wait for 30 seconds and should press and hold the side button
• After this, you should release as the Apple logo gets visible
• Once, the steps are done you should then wait for the rebooting process to be completed.

Updating Netflix App –

Well, the issue of the app, not working can also be because of an outdated Netflix app, for a resolution to that here we will see the process to follow for updating the app.

For this please follow the steps given below-

• On the home screen click the app store icon and you will be able to open the application
• After opening the app click on the today tab given at the bottom
• Next, you need to click on “user profile icon”
• After this, scroll down to the “Available updates” button
• Next click on “update” given right next to the Netflix app

The problem can also be because of some app restrictions on iPhone-

• For fixing this please follow the given steps-
• On the home screen open settings
• After this, click on the “screen time”
• In the next step click on “content & Privacy restrictions”

Once, this is done, and still, you are not able to fix your problem then for a solution the last thing for you to try is uninstalling and then installing the app again.

For this uninstalling and reinstalling follow the steps given below-

• Open the home screen
• Search for the app that you need to reinstall
• Please tap and hold the app icon for a few minutes
• After this, from the warning message click on “delete”
• Next, click on done once you are done with the process.


If you still need to know anything more, after all of that as it has been discussed here, then for that more information go to the team of experts. They are available at the service of the users all the time.