Resolution guide for Netflix browser not supported issue

09 October 2021

As we were all stuck in the time of pandemic and were not able to get out of our houses so in such cases, the source of entertainment did become a big question for people and almost each and every individual found their solace in the world of OTT platforms, there are so many OTTs that are available but out of all those, there is one that is the most popular is Netflix it is so as Netflix comes with the hugest video library that further provides people with so many entertaining options to explore.

Netflix Browser not supported

Netflix is one such application that has never disappointed its users in any way it has always been very friendly for the users in almost all aspects; the application has been easy for the users to use and also it has been very easy for them to understand, the other aspect of it is that the application is really very well compatible with all the browsers as well as with all the operating systems. So, the fact that the Netflix app can be used on any device or any browser is another point that makes it popular among people. But still, if the Netflix Browser is Not Supported due to any reason, then here are certain hacks that the user can try in order to get it all fixed.

Resolution guide for Netflix browser not supported issue

Using a specially dedicated browser

Netflix users can go using Opera; the browser is very well compatible with Netflix, in the case of Opera there comes a built-in ad blocker, and also the users can be sure of smooth Netflix streaming.

Browser update

There are chances that your browser is already well compatible with Netflix streaming, but it is not updated.

In order to get the process of updating the browser done the user is advised to follow the given steps:

• The user will need to click on the “menu button” in the top right corner of the edge
• In the next step, the user will need to click on the “help and feedback” option
• Next, from the list, one will need to choose the “about Microsoft Edge” button
• Edge will then look for “available updates” and get them installed

Browsing data clearance

In order to get this done, the user will have to follow the given steps:

• The user will have to go to the top right corner; there the user will have to choose settings from the drop-down list.
• Next, the user is advised to choose what to clear option
• After that, the user is advised to clear off the browsing history
• Further, the user is advised to click on “clear”
• The browser needs to be restarted

Netflix playback settings

The issue can be related to that also, so the user will have to look into the matter and will have to get the playback settings adjusted accordingly. Once the playback settings will be adjusted the issue will be resolved.


So, this is how the users can get through the issue of Netflix unsupported browser, the issue is really very common, and also fixing the problem is not something big to be done through the fixes as they have been discussed here the user will be able to get it done very easily and the user will be further able to use the application very efficiently. There is nothing a good as Netflix that is available there to be taken into use by the users if they are bored and if they are looking around for options to explore in the world of entertainment.