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How to resolve Netflix buffering issue?

30 October 2021

Netflix users love to stream Shows, Movies, and series on devices. It happens sometimes to all users that they are deep into a movie as the climax part is going to come within 2 minutes and suddenly the “Buffering’ logo appears and the video stops. It will be really annoying and your day is ruined as well. Well, the user can enable and disable the Internet connection and try to stream it again.

What is the reason behind Netflix keep buffering?

If the user is experiencing buffering issues continuously while trying to watch a video then, there might be an issue with the network connection, or home network, streaming device, or sometimes Netflix itself. But you cannot blame any of them on guess. You must have to crack the reason due to which your Netflix is buffering while streaming. But network connection plays a vital role in streaming Netflix so the first thing you have to check is the internet connection and if it working properly then, move ahead with the ways to resolve Netflix buffering issue in a few steps.

How to resolve Netflix buffering issue?

What are the basics to fix Netflix buffering?

In an official statement of Netflix, it has advised checking a few basic settings in case if Netflix is buffering and these are-

• Check the devices which are connected because sometimes multiple devices might cause a bandwidth hurdle
• If you are using private internet access then, check the internet and if you are using a wireless connection then, make sure if the signal is

How to Change Video Streaming Quality on Netflix?

For various reasons, there are some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that is not compatible with the constant bandwidth level that is required in streaming video. Well, all video content has the option to stream at different streaming qualities.

Adjustment of these video settings is simple and for that, firstly-

• Go to the Netflix website or App and choose the “Internet Connection Speed Suggestions” page and then, click on the link to “Video Quality” to adjust the settings. Also, use the network speed to check the ISP supports.
• If the user is streaming above 13 Mbps, then choose any video quality above 4000 kb/sec or “4K”. If someone is streaming between 13 and 7 Mbps then, they should choose “High” or any bitrate from 1200-4000 Kb/sec.
• To stream between 7-3 Mbps, the user will prefer to choose “Medium” or 800-1200 Kbps, and just in case of under 3 Mbps, the user have to choose “Low” or anything below 800 Kbps

For managing installed applications, just repeat this procedure on every media server

How to adjust the Netflix streaming options?

If the Netflix app buffering problem isn’t fixed then, try to change the service’s streaming options. Although the service adjusts the buffer rate automatically, it cannot always support fluctuation in the download speed.

On Desktop- Press the Shift + Alt and Left Click simultaneously

On Mac- Shift + Option + Click altogether

On Xbox or Playstation- Press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up to go to the diagnostics menu. The adjustment of the buffering rate will adjust from 1750 down to 750 or 1050 or lower. Although lowering the stream rate means movies and shows will consume a long time to load and they should also be completely free of buffering.

For the user who prefers VPN or a similar service, they should contact the host for a better adjustment. Such suggestions might help to fix the buffering issue with Netflix

Does it Netflix server behind Netflix buffering?

Since Netflix is an online platform and it works with the help of servers to deliver features and services so, if there is any issue at the server’s end then, it might stop streaming. Here, in this case, there might be a possibility that the issue occurs because of server error as you already have followed all possible fixings. Check the server status of Netflix and for that-

• Visit Netflix’s Help Center and go to the dedicated status page where you can see the current server situation of Netflix.

In case if the Netflix website isn’t accessible then, the user can take the help of tools that can help to collect and provide information about the app servers and the issues which they encountered previously.