How to resolve Netflix has gone off my sky Q box?

20 November 2021

Netflix is the best OTT app that is available for the use of people all the time; this is one such application that can be easily used on all types of devices. The users can use Netflix on android; they can also sit and stream Netflix on iPhone or you can also use Netflix on desktop or the laptop. There was one problem with the application and that is it was not working with the sky subscriptions so far but now the application is updated further and it can now be easily used on sky subscription as well.

What is the Sky Q box?

Sky Q is a television entertainment service that is operated by British Satellite television, going more deeply into it we can say that it is a combined conventional television and on-demand service combined as a multi-media platform. But that is not what we need to discuss here so we shall now further move to the main topic of discussion that is Netflix gone off on sky Q box.

How to resolve Netflix has gone off my sky Q box?

Why has Netflix gone off on sky Q box?

There are can be various reasons for this, here we will discuss all those reasons and we will see how the users can deal with all those reasons. So, that further, they will be able to use Netflix easily and efficiently on the sky Q box.

You will first of all have to check if there is an active Netflix subscription available for the concerned Sky Q box. If it is there then also you should check if it is there with the ultimate on-demand package in which Netflix is included.

So, if in case you do not have a Netflix subscription but there is Sky Q, then, in that case, you will first get a Netflix subscription to stream it on your Sky Q box.

If all of this is sorted and now you do not know the way to start using Netflix on the Sky Q box, then for that here we will discuss the process in a stepwise manner just to make it simple for you.

Now, in order to get this done stepwise please follow the steps given below:

• open home screen on the sky Q box
• After this, scroll down to apps
• Next, see the Netflix app listed there at first
• If you do not see it in the list then it would be best for you to update the box
• After the update please wait for some time if the app still does not show up then you should call up the sky

If other than this you have an already registered Netflix account and it is registered with the same Email ID as your sky Q, then in that case you can simply sign in to Netflix with that ID.

If such is not the case, then you will choose the option to sign in through some other account, but those users of the Sky Q box who do not have a Netflix subscription are requested to buy that first.

Accepting the terms

Once everything is done, which is related to the purchasing of the Netflix subscription and also the Sky Q installation and setup, and then the next thing that should be done is accept the terms and conditions. As once you will start using a Netflix account in your Sky Q box thereafter your subscription will no longer be handled by Netflix directly. It will then be handled by Netflix directly; it will now be handled by Sky.

Start Streaming

Everything is now set and done you can now easily stream your Netflix subscription on your Sky Q, on the same box you can now stream everything associated with Netflix it can be from the home screen going up to the on-demand section.


So, this is all related to it, you can use Netflix on the sky Q box but there is a way for doing that, the procedure has been well discussed here. You can also ask for the required help from the team of Netflix experts they are the best to ask for help if that is required. If Netflix has gone off the Sky Q box then this is how one can get it fixed.