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Why my Netflix is not working on Apple TV?

12 November 2021

Netflix streaming service has a specialty that it is compatible with almost all devices whether it is iOS, Android, or Windows PC. If you think that it is not working on Apple TV then, you are at the right place. You only have to keep in mind that you are using an updated app version of Netflix and also make sure that your OS is updated to avoid any issue.

Introduction to the Netflix error with Apple

Netflix streaming video also supports the Apple TV version and a vast number of users have requested that Netflix is not opening on Apple TV after installing it on their device. If you also are one of the users who have experienced this issue then, the good news is that Netflix is not working on Apple TV can be resolved with just a few troubleshooting methods mentioned below.

Why my Netflix is not working on Apple TV?

Deal with Wi-Fi Connection

One of the main causes of Netflix not working on Apple TV is the weak Internet or Wi-Fi connection. Hence, make sure that the Apple TV is properly connected to good internet. Head to the Settings menu and then, click on the ‘Network Option’ and make sure that the connection is working securely.

Reinstall Netflix on Apple TV

If the network connection is active and you still are experiencing this issue then, reinstall the Netflix app on the Apple TV. Follow the below-given steps to uninstall Netflix app on Apple TV

• First of all, go to the Apple TV home screen and locate the Netflix App
• Scroll down the Touch surface if the Netflix app starts to shake
• Then, press the Play and Pause button and select the ‘Delete’ option
• Go back to the app/play store and install the Netflix app again

Install Available Updates of Apple TV

Another cause you might be experiencing this issue is an outdated company version. To ensure that you are using an updated version of Apple TV then, follow the steps-

• Go to the ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘Systems’ option
• Click on the ‘Software Updates’ and choose ‘Update Software’ and if a new update will be appeared there then, it will appear on the screen
• At last, you have to click on ‘Download and Install’

Reset your TV and check again

Another step you can try to get rid of this issue is to reset your TV and check again if the error still persists. You easily can fix the issue with the app not running on the Apple TV and reset the Apple TV. Unplug the TV for a few minutes and plug it back in to switch on.

Check Network Settings Update

Netflix might get you stuck on Apple TV because of a network issue and for that, you have to move ahead with the troubleshooting steps mentioned below-

• Open Settings > General and then, Network and then, ‘Wi-Fi’ or ‘Ethernet’
• For Ethernet users: Select ‘Ethernet’ > ‘Configure IP’ > Automatic and choose ‘Configure DNS’ > Automatic
• For Wi-Fi Users, select Wi-Fi networks and then, configure the IP and go to the Automatic option
• Now, you have to choose ‘Configure DNS’ and then, go to ‘Automatic’

Netflix App Crashes on Apple TV

If you detect that the Netflix service is crashing on the Apple TV device which has started crashing again and again then, you can move ahead with the below-mentioned solution.

• Restart your Apple TV and make sure that you have a good internet connection
• Also ensure that you have installed Netflix correctly and if not then, you will need to reinstall the app from the Apple TV store again.

Although these are the final fixes for all Netflix-related errors on Apple TV if you have attempted almost all troubleshooting steps and are still stuck because the app is crashing then, move ahead with the above-given troubleshooting steps.