Netflix new feature in 2021: How interesting are they

25 May 2021

Netflix has announced plans to roll out the feature that it has been extensively testing on the connected TV platforms since last summer, to all the customers in the first half of 2021. Netflix is demanded all across the world because of its excellent features and hence, people love to use this streaming service.

Netflix launches new and exciting updates and features all the time to enhance the experience of the users. We are here with some of Netflix's new features in 2021 which are interesting. Among all, Netflix is launched “Shuffle Play” as a permanent feature, and let’s move ahead with the exact details of this feature and some more.

Netflix new feature in 2021: How interesting are they

Netflix Shuffle Play / Play Something Feature

Netflix’s Shuffle Play feature is spotted testing last year and it is getting a famous and popular launch in the first half of 2021. There are several reports that the company has made the announcement as a part of the latest financial results of Netflix. In the testing phase, Shuffle Play has worked by choosing content based on the viewing history and it helps to avoid the feeling that is incredulous by the home screen of Netflix that is full of content.

The “Shuffle Play” feature is one of the best ways due to which Netflix has been added a few exciting entry points to get the viewers hooked on the new movies and TV Shows so that you can watch even more content and increases the likelihood which you will keep paying for it. The day of expending hours trying to select what to watch next on your Netflix is now no more an important task. All thanks to the more-demanded and expected “Play Something” feature for all the users of Netflix.

Play something feature has launched by the streaming giant and it allows the users a shuffle option which will help to play a semi-random series or movie that is based on their personal history. While locating the Netflix app on any TV app or on the mobile Android devices-

• The users can select the “Play Something” option so that they can redirect to a new screen
• When you click on the new option, Netflix selects something which will be based on the
series and movies which you have previously watched on the same platform with the same account
• It also takes you into the account the kind of productions which you tend to like

The “Play Something” feature is officially announced to all of the users so that they can take the advantage of this streaming service. They add a button across the streaming service’s UI to recommend new shows, series, and movies automatically which you have never watched before. Thus button will appear in various places on the Netflix app:

• Underneath your profile when you login in
• Left-side navigation bar
• In the 10th row of the Netflix homepage

The Play Something option is not a “Random” button that throws you to metaphorical wolves of the streaming service’s that nearly endless well of the content. Rather, the feature uses the existing profile and taste in the movies and shows to the surface that is similar titles based on the taste of your previous watching show. This button will let you know the variety of algorithmically curated content that includes completely new movies, shows, films, or series which you have started already or something on the Watchlist.

Wrap Up-

Currently, the test version of shuffle play displays up on Netflix’s connected TV apps. On the starting profile login screen, there is an option that appears below every profile that says either “Play Something” or “Shuffle Play”. There is also an option that is labeled “Play Something” that appears in the sidebar menu as we already said. When you start shuffle play, the screen also pop-ups another button that says “Play Something Else” if the title is not something which you are interested in.

You can know more about it by calling on Netflix Contact Support UK to get in touch with the experts for any help. The experts are available all the time and have knowledge Netflix related new updates and features to help you out with a possible resolution.