Netflix has stopped working on iPad and iPhone: What to do

22 September 2021

Netflix might get you stuck when it won’t work on the iPad or iPhone. Sometimes there might be issue with your device or sometimes it is Netflix itself behind not working issue. Whatever the cause is, a quick resolution is always mandatory.

Introduction to Netflix and iPad

Because Netflix supports almost all devices so, you can stream this service on any device whether you have Android TV, Mobile, iOS, or there is any laptop or PC. When Netflix has stopped working on iPad and iPhone, sometimes there might be issue with device or sometimes it is Netflix itself. Whatever the cause is, resolving this error will be the first priority.

Netflix has stopped working on iPad and iPhone: What to do

Resolution for Netflix not working on iPad and iPhone-

When Netflix stops working on iPhone or iPad then, the very first thing you have to do is to check a few settings and conduct a few things which will help you to fix the error immediately so that, you can enjoy it again.

Cross check Netflix Subscription

This is a mandatory step which one should check. Subscription status plays a vital role when it comes to streaming Netflix. If Netflix has stopped working on iPhone or iPad then, there might be chances that your Netflix account subscription has expired.

• Open Netflix App on the iOS device
• Now, tap on the three-horizontal icon in the end
• Choose the Account to explore the Netflix account credentials
• Tap the Plan Details and from there, you will get the Netflix subscription information

Close and Re-open Netflix App

If Netflix app is not working on iOS and iPad and then, there might be Netflix itself. If the app started to freeze or hang or it doesn’t load properly then, you can try to reopen it to fix the issue.

• Double-click on the Home button to open App switcher to close the Netflix app on the iPad
• Swipe up an app and turn the screen off to close it on the iPad

If the iPad doesn’t have Home button then, swipe up from the screen bottom to the center of the screen. Hold the finger in the screen center to open the switcher and swipe Netflix on and off from the top of the screen to close it

Check Netflix Server for Fixing

If nothing works then, there might be Netflix weak server signal. If Netflix is under maintenance then, you will not be able to use this app for streaming anything. At that time, wait for an hour or two hours to fix and improve the Netflix for better experience.

Delete and Reinstallation of Netflix

Reinstalling Netflix on iPhone or iPad is the next way to rectify the issue specifically when the issue is that the app is crashing. Uninstall and reinstall this app and if there is any corrupted file inside it then, reinstallation will allow starting freshly.

• First of all, hold the Netflix icon and press it down
• It will start to move along with other screen icons
• Click the X icon from the left side of the icon
• Then, you will be asked to confirm the action
• Press Delete and go back to the Play or App store to install Netflix freshly

Reset All Settings on iOS

The final way to fix Netflix not working is to reset all settings. Apple doesn’t have simple method on the device and hence reset all of the settings from your device so that one can get back to watch again. These setting will include saved Wi-Fi networks and set Wallpaper will be deleted or changed to the default.

Do it only if you are facing multiple problems with the iPhone or iPad like consistently crashing apps are also an example of it. Resetting devices will be completed from the Settings apps and hence, open and go to the General and then go to Reset. Now, tap on the Reset All Settings.