Resolutions for Netflix Not Working

03 September 2021

Netflix is not just a name it is a hub from where one can watch anything, anytime they want to watch including comedy shows, movies, or web series. It might stop working sometimes on your device and that is a very annoying issue because you are all set with a bucket of popcorn, a comfortable couch, and a cold drink and Netflix stops working.

We are here with the exact resolution steps to fix in case if Netflix stops working on your device. We are here with a few common issues that might be there behind due to which Netflix isn’t working. Move ahead with the exact steps to fix this error so that you can continue enjoying your favorite shows on this topmost streaming platform.

Netflix Stops Working: Instant Ways to get it fixed

Issues linked with Netflix not working and their fixing

1. Netflix is crashing

The main thing behind Netflix's account that might stop working is “App Crashed”. Yes, there might be some instances where Netflix starts crashing all of a sudden when you try to use it. You can rectify this issue but that will completely depend on the device which you are using for Netflix.

For Smartphone Users - The users firstly need to force-stop the Netflix app and in case if it still is not working on their Smartphone then, the user will need to turn on and off their phone. In case of failure, you will need to remove the app and then, reinstall it from the app/play store. If you are using the set-top box for streaming then, the same method applies too.

For Android/Smart TV- If you are streaming Netflix on Smart TV or Android TV then, there might be chances that you won’t be able to delete the Netflix app. So, it is recommended to sign out of the Netflix app and clear the TV’s cache and sign in again. If you are using the Netflix app on the macOS or Windows then, you should try to disable the antivirus software because there might be security software behind this issue.

2. Netflix Error 12001 on Android Device

Many of the Android users register to complain that they are seeing error code 12001 when they are using Netflix on their Android device. This error code will bother both tablets and smartphones. Error code 12001 occurs because of old data on the device and hence, all you need to do is to get the Netflix data refreshed so that Netflix starts working again. For refreshing the data-

• Go to the Settings app on the Android
• Go to the Settings > Apps and Notifications to See all apps
• Tap on Netflix entry by scrolling down
• Go to the Storage and Cache and tap on Clear Cache or Storage

3. Black Screen on Desktop

If you are using Netflix on the Mac or Windows OS, you might get stuck with the black screen while playing a video.

There are three main reasons behind this error and that is:

Silverlight- Microsoft banned the Silverlight a few years ago and if you still have it on your device then, it might prevent the video playback and all you need to do is to delete it.

Cookies - You should try to clear the cookies from the browser and the main steps depend from browser to browser, but there is a catch that you will find the option in the Settings menu of the browser.

Antivirus - Some of the antivirus suites won’t play great with Netflix so, you will need to try to disable the security software on a temporary basis when you are using

In case, if you still have a black screen then, you should use a different browser or disable any plug-ins which you are using.

4. Multiple Users Watching Netflix Simultaneously

Netflix has different price plans and every one of them will allow more people to watch Netflix altogether. The main plan of Netflix is limited to four people as there are four people who can watch Netflix simultaneously.

If there is a message appears on the screen “Your Netflix account is in use, try another device”, then all you need to do is to fix this issue on your own. You will need to stop playing Netflix on another device to continue watching. You can rectify the error and for that, you should terminate the existing sessions and for that go to Account Settings and Sign out of all devices.

Alternate – Go to the Account and Settings and then, recent device streaming activity to see the current session’s list. This list will serve you best to recognize the users who are online. You can ask them to log off. You can check the Netflix plan to make sure the screens on which it can stream simultaneously and for that, go to the Account and Plan Details.

Depends on the research, there are a few common issues due to which users are stuck with Netflix. These are a few resolutions for the issues that might be there behind Netflix not working issue.