How to choose a plan for a Netflix subscription?

08 November 2021

Netflix streaming service allows you to watch different exciting shows, movies, and web series on your device. You only have to take care of your subscription plan. Yes, if you have subscribed to Netflix then, you will be allowed to watch your favorite series, shows, or movies.

Why choosing a Netflix plan is necessary?

Netflix comes with different subscription plans and it means one can easily subscribe to Netflix as per convenience. Netflix doesn’t have an annual subscription plan but yes, it has some exciting plans through which you can watch your favorite shows on your device. You can choose a plan for a Netflix subscription by following a few steps.

How to choose a plan for a Netflix subscription?

What to do for subscribing to Netflix?

For subscribing to Netflix, you will need to open the Netflix app on your device, else you also can go to the official website of Netflix on a trusted browser.

Choose any of the plans which are listed on the screen and then, create a new Netflix ID and enter the payment details

You will get one month at Rs 5 after which you can either cancel the subscription or move ahead with the subsequent payments for whichever plan you have chosen

What are the steps to choosing a Netflix plan?

There are lots of step-throughs which one can choose Netflix plan and for that-

• Open Netflix, the first step to choosing a Netflix plan is to open the service. You can open Netflix on your device or the desktop. For Mobile Users, you will need to open the Netflix app. For other devices, go to on the web browser to open Netflix.
• Open Menu, the next step is to go to account and look down on the screen. You will find the icon of the three parallel lines on the extreme right. This is the menu button and there you have to choose that option.
• Go to Settings, when you opened the menu, Netflix will open a page for you. From there, you will find the option of Account from the bottom. Tap on the option, it is the option from where you can choose the Netflix plan.
• Open Plan Details- Select the option of the plan details from the Menu and it is the place from where you can view the three plans
• Choose a Plan- In this section, you will have to choose the plan for Netflix, and choosing the right plan is ideal and very important too
• Select Basic Plan- If you are going to stream Netflix alone, you have to choose the plan “Basic”. You can watch Netflix from only one method. But UHD quality is available for this plan. This plan costs $ 7.02
• Choose Standard- Standard plan is perfect for two people and this plan will allow you to watch Netflix from two different devices simultaneously. For instance- your friend and you can stream Netflix simultaneously from the respective device. You can stream HD quality pictures and it costs for this one $9.13.
• Select Premium- This is the ideal plan for you when you have four people to stream. It won’t only allow you to stream ultra HD quality but will also offer 4K resolution. This is considered the best plan for Netflix as it allows for the offline view as well. For example- one can download shows or watch movies offline. It costs $11.24 which is required to watch it.

What are the steps to choosing a Netflix plan?

Netflix offers a different way via which the users can enhance the viewing experience even with limited data. You are allowed to watch in Auto, Low, Medium, and High. All quality requires different data like low will provide basic video quality with 0.3GB/Hr whereas Medium comes with 0.7GB/Hr and the high provides up to 3GB/hr for HD and up to 7GB/Hr for UHD.

If you watch 60 hours of Netflix streaming video in medium quality then, it will consume 42GB to 50GB of data/month. Well, if you stream high-quality content, then it is recommended to upgrade the data limit. When you set up a subscription to online services whether, music, cloud storage, backup services, or streaming video – it is tough to remember to cancel when the time finally comes. To cancel your Netflix service, you easily can do it by following a few sorts of steps.

Can I cancel my Netflix subscription?

You can cancel Netflix subscription and for that, you have to-

• First of all, open Netflix app on the Smartphone and go to the Profile section, and tap on the Profile icon
• Now, tap on the “Account” and scroll down and you will see a Cancel Membership option
• Tap on it and you will be redirected to the “Cancel Plan” page. You have to tap again on “Finish Cancellation”

Bottom Line:

It is very much important to note if you already have paid for next month then, nothing to worry about Netflix will cancel the subscription plan when that month is over. You won’t be charged unless you restart your membership.