How to fix Netflix working on phone and not on TV?

21 December 2021


Netflix is one thing that people prefer the most, the application is the best due to many reasons the one such reason is compatibility. The application is very well compatible with all the different types of devices as well as operating systems. It is easy to use Netflix on phone as well as on TV. But still, there are chances that you may fall into the trap of certain technical glitches as the app is highly technical and has so many advanced and latest technologies included with it.

Netflix working on phone but not TV-

Well, yes it is the same app but still, this is an issue that you may get to face while using Netflix on your TV. Using the Netflix app on a phone is still easy as compared to using it on TV. So, if Netflix is working on phones but not TV then for the issue of Netflix not working on TV here we will see some of the solutions that one can apply. There, are so many a solution that one can apply but also it is necessary for the user to understand the right way for applying all those solutions. It is more problematic with the applying of the solutions and not with something else.

How to fix Netflix working on phone and not on TV?

Check the internet connection issue-

The problem can be with the internet connection, so the user should check that and should fix it just as it is required.

How to check the internet connection?

If you need to check the internet connection, then for that please follow the steps given below-

• For checking your internet connection you will need to run a network connection test for the same
• If the connection test gives an OK report then you should move to the other troubleshooting steps in that case.

Netflix app reload-

The problem can be with the TV version of the application, so for that, the user will need to fix it by reloading the Netflix application.

If the issue still remains then in that case you will need to further sign out of the Netflix account, after signing out the user will need to re-launch the app.

For re-launching the Netflix app you should follow the steps given below –

• Take an exit from the error screen
• After this open the Netflix app once again
• Then conduct a restart on the home network
• For this, you should leave your smart TV and home network totally unplugged for 30 seconds

So, in order to turn off or turn off your smart TV given below, are the steps that you should follow-

• Unplug your modem for 30 seconds from the power
• After that plugin, your modem once again and wait for the indicator lights to blink

So, this is how you can resolve the issue of Netflix working on the phone but not on TV, for knowing more regarding this going through the guide is really going to be helpful for people in various ways. So, all the Netflix users are requested to just go through the guide carefully just in the right manner, and then follow the steps accordingly.


If you are not able to deal with the issue and you are still in trouble after reading all that is there given in the guide then for a resolution to that the best option for you to consider would be to ask for help from the team of technicians. Lines are open for the users all the time there is no such issue that the users may fail to resolve with the help of the experts.