Can I remove 'Continue Watching' on Netflix Service?

25 September 2021

Netflix will save all of the show or movie, therefore if you have ever stopped and come back then, you can choose where you drop off. Although it is the best one when it comes to feature it is also a curse. Sometimes, you want to know to delete ‘continue watching’ content from Netflix.

Reasons behind removing ‘Continue Watching’

Might be you are using a Netflix account for your family or friend or you have watched what you don’t want to show to others. Or, you have tried a new show but don’t like it or don’t even want Netflix to keep suggesting it then; you have the facility to remove the feature ‘Continue Watching’. There might be a chance that you have finished the show or movie but it has stopped at the end credits then, it is obvious there is no need for that suggestion.

Can I remove 'Continue Watching' on Netflix Service?

Ways to delete sometimes from ‘Continue Watching’

It doesn’t matter if you are using Netflix streaming on your mobile app or the desktop version, you can delete such recommendations by signing into your Netflix account. Choose the profile on which you have to Remove 'Continue Watching' on Netflix and then, open the page of viewing activity.

Remove Titles on the Android Devices

These are the steps suggested for Android users who wish to remove a title from the recently watched list of movies or shows. It will work for anyone but the catch is to use the most up-to-date version of the app. in case if it doesn’t work then, move ahead with the below-given steps.

• Go to the app opens to the Home tab and then, scroll down to see the heading Continue Watching
• Tap on the three-dotted option that appears next to the title which you have to delete
• After that, you have to choose Remove from Row and after that, confirm the action by tapping on Ok to remove it from the list

Hide Titles on iOS devices and Desktop

The below-given steps are ideal for the iOS and desktop and hence, follow the steps as per your device.

On iOS-

• Tap on the Profile from which you want to edit the items and if you are in the wrong profile, you have to tap on a different one from the menu of More
• Now, open the More Menu and then, tap on Account to open the Netflix account settings in the trusted web browser. If that option isn’t appeared there then, visit
• After that, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the profile to stretch the menu and after that, go to the Viewing Activity
• Tap on the circle with the line that will be appeared next to the show/movie which you have watched to mark them as hidden

On Desktop Browser

• Hover the mouse on the down arrow that will be next to the profile picture which will be at the top-right of the screen and then, choose Account
• Scroll to the bottom and stretch the profile which you have to edit and select Viewing activity
• Hiding steps of Netflix watch history is as similar as with the Mobile version. To find a movie or show which you wish to remove from the watchlist and choose the circle with the line via it.
• If you have chosen to remove a TV show episode then, you will see this screen, and to remove the entire series you have to choose Hide Series? Option

Just because of browsing through Netflix, the removed contents will not be there in the ‘Continue watching’ queue.

Bottom line-

Netflix will use this detail in the recommendation feature hence you might still receive suggestions that are based on the movie/show which you have removed from the list.