Sending Yahoo emails to what’s app: Full Guide

30 September 2021

Yahoo email service has always been very easy for users to use and also to understand, there is no better option than the Yahoo mail service for the process of email exchange it is so as the service has so many user-friendly features associated with its setup, there is nothing easier with features and also there is no other more secure option to consider other than the Yahoo mail.

Yahoo email transfer to WhatsApp:

Yahoo email service the basic idea of it is very easy as well as smooth the idea that is related to the exchange of emails, but with time the service has got itself updated further and now it is more advanced, as a result, it helps people with many other things also but understanding those procedures such as Yahoo email transfer to what’s app often becomes a problem, so here, in the guide, we will see detailed procure for that and would also see further information related to sending yahoo emails to what’s app.

Sending Yahoo emails to what’s app: Full Guide

Procedure to be followed:

In order to get this done the user will have to follow the given steps:

• The user is advised to install a yahoo mail back up wizard
• Then, after that in the user interface panel, the user will have to enter the login credentials
• After choosing the email folder the user will have to choose the PDF file saving option
• Also, the user is advised to select a location to save the file
• After that, should click on “convert”
• As the pop-up box appears the user is advised to click “ok”

Reason to convert file to PDF:

It is important to get the file converted to PDF it is so because one cannot send Yahoo emails directly to what’s app. The process of getting it all done is easy but the Yahoo mail converter tool further makes things easier for the users. Here, further in the blog let us see how the user can be benefited from the converter tool.

The list of benefits associated with the converter tool goes as follows:

• Advanced filters for selective backup of Yahoo mails
• There are many file types in which the user will be able to take the backup
• Helps in downloading and further managing many Yahoo emails very easily and smoothly.
• The tool will preserve the yahoo Mailbox emails in the best ways
• The user can also very easily back up mail on the hard drive
• A great supporter of the Windows operating system.


So, this is all related to the transferring of Yahoo mails to WhatsApp, one needs to admit that the service is really well advanced and it is also updated very well and has further made the life of people very easy and smooth. Reading this guide will further help them in developing a better understanding regarding the process of email transfer from Yahoo to WhatsApp; all the information has been well discussed.