Unable to sign in to Netflix on new device: What to do

18 May 2021

Netflix has become one of the best video streaming services across the world. This streaming service is compatible with all devices and you will need to have a subscription plan to enjoy different exciting videos and shows on it. When you installed Netflix on your device, you will need to create an account on Netflix. This video streaming service is known for having excellent features that allow you to enjoy your series or videos with just a simple click.

Whenever you change your device, you only need to install Netflix and enter the account details (number and password) or (email id or password) to sign in to the Netflix account. It will continue the same plan to which you have subscribed on your old device. Sometimes you might get stuck when you just have entered your Netflix account credentials on a new device but it doesn’t accept that. Don’t worry, we are here with a few reasons and the resolutions to fix unable to sign in to Netflix on new device error in just a few steps.

Unable to sign in to Netflix on new device: What to do

Unable to sign in to Netflix on a new device

Resolution 1-

Email ID or Password is Incorrect-

There might be a sign-in error because of entering incorrect Netflix credentials. There is a chance that you have signed into Netflix using your number but now, you are entering your email ID in the required field. Well, in such case you should try to enter your number and see if you are now successfully signed into Netflix. If not then, re-check the entered email ID and password as well. If you have forgotten your credentials then, click on “Forgotten password” which appears just below the sign-in field and then, follow the prompts to get your account back.

Resolution 2-

There is no Internet Connection

Well, this is a very basic resolution of the sign-in failure of the Netflix account. There might be an issue with the internet connection as there is a chance that your device is not connected with good internet and hence, it is troubling you while signing into Netflix. In this case, disconnect your device from the current network and connect it to a new one. If now the sign-in error fixed then, contact the internet service provider for better resolution.

Resolution 3-

Netflix has Blocked Access

If you have tried too many attempts while signing into Netflix then, Netflix will block the sign-in access for security purposes. You will see the timing duration on the screen and that is the time on which you have to try again by entering the correct credentials. This reason is very rare because you must have an idea of your credentials but if you have entered the wrong credentials too many times then, you will face this issue.

Resolution 4-

Netflix Server Down

Netflix video streaming service usually works with server connection and if there is any error from the server end, you won’t be able to sign in to your Netflix account. Not only this, even you won’t be able to watch anything on your previous signed-in device. To make sure the server error, you should ask your partner or any other Netflix user to check their Netflix account if it is working. If there is also the same error occurs then, in this scenario, you only have to wait for a while unless the server gets repaired.

Contact Netflix Customer Service

If you are still stuck even after following the above-given steps, then don’t try too much to fix this error on your own. Just contact Netflix Customer Care Phone Number UK to get connected with the experts. The experts have an idea of the exact reasons and according to that, they will fix this error remotely in the very shortest time frame. So this is the last and best way to get the sign-in error fixed that is linked to Netflix.