What are the benefits of having Yahoo two-Step Verification?

19 November 2021

Nowadays email services are not that much safe if it is only password protected. There are the requirements of more powerful security for the mail account. Yahoo mail keeps it in mind and comes with Two-Step Verification that will definitely help the user to keep the account completely secure and safe. This feature will take care of your emails and will maintain your privacy.

Does Yahoo mail keep your email secure?

This is a very important question that every user wants to know if Yahoo Mail keeps email secure or not. So, Yahoo service checks the password when someone signs into an account and it also looks at the computer and location from which the attempt has been made. If one looks suspicious, then yahoo can need more than the password but only if two-step authentication is enabled successfully. With Yahoo Two-Step Verification, you will need to enter the password and then a code will be sent to your phone linked with that account. You know the rest story as if you don’t enter that code; you won’t be able to access your account.

What are the benefits of having Yahoo two-Step Verification?

What does Two-Factor Authentication mean?

Two-Factor Authentication is also known as two-step verification and it is a security protocol that needs two methods to get access to the program or application. It is just like providing ID proof to the bank to prove that you are the owner of that bank account. Just as same, there are some sites like Yahoo that require authentication on a certain device like your phone. This additional security layer is ideal for protection.

How to add Two-Step Verification for additional Yahoo security?

You easily can enable two-step authentication to need a code anytime when a login attempt is made from a new browser or device. You will get a text or call with a new code that needs to be entered at the sign-in page. The phone number used for contacting you might be different every time.

• Sign in and go to the Account Security Page
• Besides “Two-Step verification”, click on the Toggle button to turn it on
• There, you have to enter the Mobile Number
• Now click on Send SMS or Call me to get a verification code
• Enter the verification code and click on Verify
• Click on Create app passwords in case, if you access Yahoo Mail in the third-party app or click on Skip for now

Does Two-Step Verification Protect Yahoo Mail Account?

To add a second authentication layer to keep the account secured against suspicious sign-in attempts, you have to-

• Choose the Account icon and choose Account Info
• Now, choose the Account Security from the menu on the left
• Enable the Two-step verification toggle switch on and login to your account once more if asked
• Click on Get Started on the pop-up which appears on the screen and chooses the method which you would like to use for authentication
• If you chose Phone Number then, enter a mobile number at the screen and if you chose Security key then, follow the prompts to enter the required details

Depending on the method which you chose, you will receive a phone call or text with the verification code and enter the code into the dialog box that appears on the screen when you choose the contact method and then, choose Verify

If the numbers match, then a success dialog box appears with options to create app passwords for those apps which don’t even recognize or use the Two-Step Verification

Choose Skip for now to skip this procedure and from now on, you will be asked for the authentication code when signing in

An overview on Two-Step Verification

Always make your password that strong to keep the hackers away from getting all of the personal information. If someone really wants to then that person can use cracking tools and other tricks to break into in. With Two-Factor verification at least, the attackers need more than just a password to get in. username and passwords are “What you know”. Two-Factor Verification needs something else like a hardware token, mobile device, something you have. Biometric data, like fingerprints for “something you are” is also an option. it is suggested to keep all of your accounts secured from Two-Factor Authentication as it is also available for some other applications and programs.