Exciting Trcks of Netflix to Use

23 July 2021

This is difficult to remember the life before Netflix and it was really tough. The era of all-day binge-watching and having unlimited titles waiting patiently at the literal fingertips have comprehensively revolutionized the way we take media – but still, even the best things in life and have some room for enhancement.

We are here in this guide with the best Netflix Tricks you should know. These tricks will enhance the Netflix experience dramatically; all compatible with the current, revamped version of the site and you might never leave the house again.

What are the best Netflix Tricks you must use?

Best Netflix Tricks You Should Use

There are lots of Netflix tricks you should use and for that, follow the tricks mentioned below.

Use Un-blocker to get other countries Netflix Movies

Did you know other countries' Netflix has movies and TV shows which are not included in the US version? Netflix comes with Unblockers as similar as Smartflix (for free) or the pay-for-play Media Hint trick the site into thinking that you are in another country, that grants you access to hundreds of new titles literally. Well, Media Hint is not free, it might be a better option than Hola, considering the unblocker has landed in some hot water currently over the security issues. You have to unblock at your own risk.

Add Ratings, IMDB Links, and Trailers

If you want to enhance the binging instantly, your first step should be downloading the Netflix Enhancement Suite, a smorgasbord of important add-ins in one concise package. From Pop-up ratings off of Metacritic to the IMDB profiles, to the trailers for basically every title, when you enhance, you will wonder however Netflix without it.

Play Netflix Roulette

Do you ever wish Netflix has a “random” option, therefore you didn’t spend the prime of your life skimming over 4,000 titles, only to settle on re-watching Recreation and Parks for the hundredth time? Flix Roulette is this miracle device, and much more you can choose directors, actors, or even keywords to help your searches.

Customize Your Subtitles

If you are a foreign-film buff but don’t own 30 versions of Rosetta Stone, you possibly rely heavily on subtitles. But even the biggest supporters of the connoisseurs and Fellini might not realize you can adjust the default Netflix subtitles to change the size, color, font, and many more that are based on the preferences, and what fits the title which you are viewing.

All you need to do is to go to Your Account and Your Profile and then, Subtitle Appearance and prepare to soak up all that delicious culture.

Ensure Optimization for HD Videos

Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if you were paying for HD streaming, but people are not even using it? This is the case for many Netflix, who neglect to check their streaming settings and for that, go to the Netflix.com/HDToggle to ensure you are always set up for HD viewing. If you like to catch up on Breaking Bad outside of Wi-Fi zones, this will seriously destroy your data plan.

Download Movies and Shows to Watch Offline

One of the wide streaming obstacles is the importance of a high-quality internet connection. In 2016, Netflix changed everything by rolling out the ability to download choose movies and TV shows, which means you can take some of your queues without worrying about whether your Wi-Fi will be up to snuff. You will need to snag the mobile app and the factor is that downloading needs a bit of time as well as storage space, but very soon you will be watching great shows and movies while on the go.

Watch Netflix at off-peak hours for better video quality

Another way to enhance your video quality is steaming while less busy hours as per the Digital Trends report. While the study, they found video quality and speed enhanced importantly during the hours when fewer people logged in and watching. Finally, a trusted excuse to quit the job and watch some best-quality of Bridgerton all afternoon, and you are all done.

These are the exact Netflix Tricks you must use and you can call on Netflix Helpline Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance. They have experience in dealing with Netflix-related errors and issues.