What are the fixings for Netflix says System Not Compatible?

29 April 2021

Netflix is the best video streaming service that is compatible with almost all devices. This video streaming app will help you out to rejuvenate your mood through its interesting and exciting content. There might be sometimes when you get stuck with Netflix as you are facing a System Compatibility Error on your device.

If you are stuck when there is an error message saying “System Not Compatible” on your device and at that time, you will need to ensure that the system meets the “System Requirement for HTML5 Player and Silverlight. When you are sure that your system is compatible then, follow the resolution step for the system which is given below to fix the issue.

What are the fixings for Netflix says System Not Compatible?

Steps to Fix “System Not Compatible” on Windows

Resolve the browser-

• Clear the browser cookies • The browser might become old or has corrupted setting in the cookie file • After that, go to Netflix.com/clearcookies to clear the Netflix cookie and it will sign you out of Netflix.com and then, redirect you to the Netflix home screen • Choose to Sign in to sign in back and then play the TV show or movie again

Restart your Browser-

Sometimes restarting your browser can clear this issue and at that time, quit your browser, restart it and then, play the TV show or movie again

Try another Browser

It is recommended to update to a browser that is compatible with HTML5 to ensure your PC is optimized for the web player. Make sure to download the advanced version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera and try to use Netflix again. The web player is best on:

• Google Chrome on Windows 7 or Later
• Opera on Windows Vista Service Pack 2
• Mozilla Firefox on Windows Vista or later
• Check to stream from Satellite or Cellular Connection

If you are streaming from the satellite or cellular connection, the service might not support streaming or might not meet the system requirements of minimum streaming. In such a case, you will need to reach your service provider for any other assistance.

Do you have security software installed?

Firewall and antivirus software programs are important tools to keep the PC secure. Although, they might interfere occasionally with Netflix accidentally and updating and hence, temporarily disabling your security software might help to fix these issues.

Note: These steps are specifically for advanced computer users. Serious issues can happen if you have configured the security software in the wrong way. Netflix Customer Support Number UK will help to fix the error. If you aren’t comfortable updating, configure, or disable your security software. The experts might be able to assist you to configure the software to avoid interruption with Netflix securely.

First of all, look for the available updates and then, update the security software. The software’s manufacturer might have the issue which has become the main cause to their product to interfere with the Netflix

You will need to disable the security software and try to use Netflix again to fix the error

If the problem is fixed while disabling the security software then, this might indicate that the software is old or interfere with Netflix unintentionally. Re-activate it and then, contact the security software service to fix this issue.