What are the ways to enter secret Netflix codes?

25 August 2021

Netflix Video Streaming service is known for having exciting and interesting shows, movies, and web series. Netflix codes are a series of unique combos which can be added to the official Netflix website address to watch series and movies in specific sort.

There are different ways of Netflix codes for horror movies, dark comedies, and Korean shows. You can even find the Netflix code for anime productions and films as well for the different age groups. We are here with the exact procedure to enter Netflix codes in a few ways. Follow the steps as it is given below.

What are the ways to enter secret Netflix codes?

Hacks to use Netflix Codes: A straightway to do so

To use Netflix codes, you will need to use a web browser on a PC, Smartphone, or Tablet. These codes won’t work on the set-top box that includes Apple TV as well

• First of all, open the preferred web browser app on the device
• Then, enter the netflix.com/browse/genre into the address bar
• You have to enter the Netflix code to use after the address and it should be as netflix.com/browse/genre/10118
• After that, you have to press the Enter key and then you will visit the website
• This is the time when you can watch a Netflix page which is dedicated to a complete genre

Note: By default, Netflix code page will then show a video preview of the featured film or series that appears at the top. Also, the diversity of the sub-genres will be appeared within the main genre below. Any films in this genre in your Netflix List will be appeared at the top where the personalized suggestions will appear in the bottom row.

• Now, you will need to choose the grid icon that appears under the user profile to get access to the options to check all of the shows and films that are available in the individual genre by the releasing year or alphabetically
• Tap on the + icon to add content to the List to watch it afterward. Then, the list will be synchronized on all of the devices on which you are using the same account of Netflix. Alternatively, you also can play a series or movie on your device and watch it very simply.

Places to find Netflix codes

There are a huge number of Netflix codes that are available for quite every genre that is available. All of the available Netflix codes will have appeared in the complete Netflix code.

What about Netflix codes for Disney Content?

When it comes to Disney content then, there are so many films and shows which are shifted to Disney's own streaming service “Disney Plus”. But still, there are some shows available on Netflix for kids and one can view them by using the Netflix code 67673.

Is there still a Netflix code for free access?

People can watch all the given Netflix codes content with an active Netflix subscription. Codes that can be redeemed for the free month or the two of the Netflix access are commonly found in the gift cards. They can be purchased online physical or retail stores.

Netflix gift cards commonly ask for money until they are won in the competition or provided as a part of some kind of promotional campaign.

Tip- you can cast the Netflix shows and movies on your TV from the web browser of your device by using Chromecast. iPhones and Smartphones can stream Netflix to the TVs where you can also get your Windows laptop connected to the TV via HDMI or project the content wirelessly. Mac devices also support the streaming content to a TV.