Hacks to reset Netflix Streaming Service

27 July 2021

Netflix is the best streaming service across the world as it has a variety of exciting, thrilling, romantic, and comedy web series of its and other movies and serials as well. People love to watch the available shows on Netflix. The good thing about this streaming service is that it is compatible with any device whether it is TV, Mobile, Tab, or PC. You only have a good network connection and yes, of course, the Netflix app is installed.

There are some devices in which Netflix is already installed then, you should check the app for the latest update because an old version never works. If you think that there is some issue linked with Netflix while steaming it on Smart TV then, you should fix it immediately by following a few steps. In this guide, we are going to discuss the ways to reset Netflix on Smart TV through which you can get rid of any issue linked with Netflix.

What are the ways to reset Netflix on Smart TV?

Methods to reset Netflix streaming service

You have to follow the methods to reset the Netflix streaming service. These methods are mentioned below so, follow them as it is mentioned.

1. Check the Network Connection

Check the internet connection by conducting a network connection check or start another internet-connected service or app

If your internet connection check fails or you are unable to open another service or app then, you should reach out to your device manufacturer for help to connect to the network before troubleshooting further

If your connection check is successful, or you are able to open other services or applications, you should move ahead troubleshooting below

2. Reload the Netflix Streaming App

You should try to reload the Netflix app and for that, you have to go ahead with the below-mentioned steps:

• First of all, choose More Details on the error screen
• Now, choose Reload Netflix
• When the app reloads successfully, then try to use Netflix again

If you are unable to finish these steps then, you should continue to the next method given below

3. Sign Out of Netflix

You should check on the error screen in the Netflix app, and choose More Details or More Info. If you don’t see More Info or More Details, you should move ahead with the below steps. Locate and choose Settings that appear as the Gear icon. If you are not able to see Gear Icon, pull up the deactivation screen by entering the following sequence by using the arrow keys on the device’s remote. And for that, you have to press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up x 4 Times. When you are done with this, then choose Reset and if you don’t see the Reset option then, choose to Sign out or Deactivate and when you are signed out then, you have to sign back on and try to use Netflix again.

Re-Launch Netflix Streaming Service

• First of all, choose Exit from the error screen
• After that, try to launch Netflix again
• Now, restart your home network and for this step,

You have to make sure to leave your smart TV and all of the home network equipment unplugged for 30 seconds before plugging every device back in one by one.

4. Turn off or Unplug your Smart TV

When you are done with Netflix’s end, then you will need to move ahead with the unplugging of Smart TV, and for that,

• First of all, unplug your modem and wireless router in case if it is a separate device from the power for 30 seconds
• Now, you have to plug in your modem and wait unless there is no new indicator lights are blinking on and if your router is separate from your modem then, plugin it and wait unless there are no new indicator lights blinking on
• Turn on your Smart TV and then, use Netflix again

These methods and their steps are proven for the procedure of resetting Netflix's streaming service. But if you still are facing issues while using Netflix then, you should contact Netflix Customer Care Helpline UK to get connected with the technical experts for any assistance.