What does content not available status mean on Facebook?

19 February 2021

Although Facebook has a simple interface and one can easily understand the settings and configuration. If you are seeing an error message on the Facebook page that “content not available” then, never think that this problem is from your device’s end. There are lots of reasons behind this error message and all are from the Facebook end.

We are going to discuss a few common reasons due to which you are seeing “content not available status” on Facebook.

Content Was Flagged

If the content has been flagged as inappropriate by Facebook or the users but that isn’t yet removed by the person then, you will get this error message.

Person Shared to Certain People

Most Facebook users add a photo and share it, but there are a few options to share with specific or certain friends and many more. In such a case, you might see their post but not the content.

What does content not available status mean on Facebook?

Let’s elaborate on some of the main reason

Chances that you are blocked

One of the most common reasons that could be that the certain user whose post you are trying to see has blocked you are you aren’t aware of this. At this stage, not only the content but you will not be able to see his/her profile, status, and pictures so make sure that you can see these things. If the profile is visible when you aren’t blocked but the “this page isn’t available” message is prompting due to some other reason.

You are logged out

Sometimes, Facebook might have logged you out from your account, unwillingly and this is the reason that you aren’t able to see any of the content. It might happen when you are spending too much time on the platform or you aren’t logged out for another reason. In such a case, you should refresh the page and once you see the login screen then, enter your credentials to get logged in. Search the same content again but it requires when “Facebook content isn’t available”. If you can see certain content, then move ahead with the next workaround.

Content has been removed

Don’t worry! If you are finding that a certain Facebook content isn’t available, then it might be the case that the post owner has been deleted it. There might be any reason why the post was removed or in some cases if Facebook’s policy is despoiled, or the content is inappropriate or spam or has been flagged. Sometimes, Facebook also removes the posts on its own due to some privacy or policy reason.

The profile has been deleted or deactivated

The reason why the users might be facing this error message “this page isn’t available” because the user has deactivated his profile by which the content was posted. It is essential to keep in mind that Facebook keeps optimizing the platform just by removing profiles every day. The authenticity of a profile or guidelines abuse could be certain causes why the Facebook profile has been removed. The content is no longer available occurs because of this reason. So, you should check the entire list of all your friends with deactivated Facebook accounts, you have to install a browser extension, and takes a few seconds to have a look for the deactivated FB Friend lists.

Age or Location Restrictions

Yes, of course, Facebook takes the age restrictions quite seriously and doesn’t allow the users less than restrictions to watch the content. If the page admin has decided to keep the content restricted to a certain age group or location and then, you might see the error “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now” is most likely to be seen.

If that is the case, you might try to use a VPN for Mac, Windows, iPhone, or Android to get access to the content if it is restricted by the location basis. You can know about the VPN just by calling Facebook service UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance. The technical experts are available all the time and serve you best for the resolution.