Quicks Tricks to get rid of Netflix 1023 on Android

02 February 2021

Netflix is a famous video streaming app and it has excellent features that enhance the experience of the user. You might get stuck with an error code 1023 on your android phone while using Netflix. You can use the Netflix app on any device and for that, you will need to install the app from Play Store and then, sign in by using your phone number or email id. Make sure to remember your password so that, you can easily sign in to your Netflix account.

If you are also one who is facing Netflix 1023 error on your Android device then, you will need to follow a few steps given below to fix this error code. Before going anywhere else for the resolution of this error, you should check your internet connection and device’s time and settings.

Solution 1 – Check Time and Date Settings

• Navigate to Settings from the Android home screen
• Tap on System > Date and Time
• Make sure that you are using network-provided time
• Also, make sure that you are using the network-provided time zone
• After that, try to use Netflix again

What does the Netflix 1023 error code mean on Android?

Solution 2 – Reconnect to your Network

• First of all, go to Settings from the Android home screen
• Choose Connections and then, continue to the next step
• Now, choose Wi-Fi and choose the network which you are currently using
• Choose to Forget option and when the network is not connected then, re-connect to your network and try to use Netflix again

Solution 3 – Restart Android Phone or Tablet

• First of all, turn off your Android phone or tab just by holding down the power button
• Then, confirm which you want to disable your Android
• Now, press the power button again to power on your Android
• When your Android is successfully turning on then, try to open Netflix again

Solution 4 – Clear the app data of Netflix

Clearing app data will remove any titles which you have downloaded to the device

• First of all, go to Settings from the Home Screen of your device
• Choose General and choose Apps or Applications
• Choose Manage Applications, Application Manager, or Manage All Apps
• Now, scroll down and choose Netflix and if you don’t see Netflix and check the Downloaded tab
• Choose Storage and if you don’t see Storage then, continue to the Next step
• After that, choose Clear Data or Clear Storage and then, click on Ok

Reinstall the Netflix app

• First of all, open the Play Store app
• Now, you have to navigate the Netflix app
• When you come to the Netflix app store page then, choose Uninstall
• Uninstalling the Netflix application will remove any titles which you have downloaded to your device

Uninstall the Netflix App

• First of all, choose Ok to confirm
• Choose Install and when un-installation is finish
• After that, choose Open when the installation is finished
• When you are done then, try to use Netflix Again

Solution 5 – Restart Home Network

For this step, you will need to make sure to leave your device as well as your home network equipment turned off and then, unplugged the entire groups for 30 seconds before you are plugging every device one by one

Disable your mobile device

• You can unplug your modem from power for 30 seconds
• Now, plug into your modem and then, wait unless there is no new indicator lights are blinking on. If your router is different from your modem, plug-in it and wait unless there no new indicator lights are blinking on.
• After that, restart your device back on and try to use Netflix again

You will after that be able to use Netflix on your Android device and call on Netflix Helpline Support Service to get in touch with the technical experts. When you call support service, your Netflix related issues should be fixed easily.