What is Netflix Parental Control and how does it work?

05 June 2021

Parental Control feature has become very demanding across the nation because people are now more aware of the content which are releasing nowadays. Foul language, sexual content, and usage of drugs are on high in the movies, shows, or web series and hence, children below 18 shouldn’t watch such content. Exactly by keeping these things in mind, Netflix has launched Parental Controls.

Netflix has updated some settings that will help families across the world from most of their viewing experience and allowing them to make decisions about the content which is right for the family. In this guide, we will discuss the brief of Netflix Parental Control and how parents can use them with the family.

What is Netflix Parental Control and how does it work?

Netflix Parental Controls

Parental Controls are designed specifically to protect the kids from inappropriate content they might come across online. These controls can be used to restrict access to the age-inappropriate content, to set usage times, and to check the activity. On Netflix specifically, parental controls are available to restrict the content which young people shouldn’t watch.

It is worth being aware that there are no parental controls or filtering options that are effective and as the kids grow up, they can become quite tech-savvy and it means that they know the exact way to disable or restrict the parental controls.

Quick Steps to Setup Parental Controls in Netflix

• First of all, sign in to your account, click on the profile icon that appears at the top-right corner, and scroll to the Manage Profiles
• Click on the Add Profiles and add the name of your kid and then, check the box that appears next to the kid and after that, click on Continue
• After that, click on the profile icon which you have just created and scroll to Maturity Settings, click on Edit and enter the account password

Netflix Parental Control New Update includes

Netflix has launched a few new updated to the parental controls that will enhance the experience of the users.

PIN Secured Profiles

When you login into the Netflix account on the PC, TV, or tablet, you come to a screen that prompts you to choose the profile. Each profile has its own name, content, profile picture, and content that is age-appropriate to the viewers.

In the new update, all you need to do is to enter the four-number pin code to access every profile. This helps to ensure that only the person who has set up the profile and can the content on it and stops the younger kids or teenagers from going into the accounts of the parents to watch films or TV shows that are intended for the older Netflix audiences.

Every profile will have a different pin and the parent who has created these settings can easily lock or unlock the profiles on the account and for that,

• First of all, go to Netflix.com/account and login to your Netflix account
• After that, you have to scroll down to “Parental Controls” and click on the arrow that appears next to the profile name which you want to lock
• Change the Profile Lock Setting and enter the Netflix account password on the screen
• Tick the box which says “Require a PIN” to get access the chosen profile

Enter the four numbers into the required PIN box. It will be your profile Lock PIN and stop children from bypassing these settings and for that, you have to add a new profile to the account and there is no need to enter a PIN. Choose Require PIN to add New Profiles and choose to Submit

These are the exact way to use Netflix Parental Control and its setup procedure. Netflix Parental Control comes with a new update that makes it more powerful and advanced. If you want to know more about this then, contact Netflix Helpline Number In UK and get in touch with the Netflix experts for instant and reliable assistance.