Hacks to block Hotmail Spam Emails

18 September 2020

Receiving promotional emails in bulk from the people promoting their business has been an issue for a while since the time online marketing and digital marketing have taken a lead. Companies are seen sending emails daily to potential customers in the name of email marketing, digital marketing, or online marketing. The people, however, face a lot of problems sometimes due to that as the inbox of their email ID gets filled with all these promotional useless emails and thus they often end up losing the important ones.

These types of emails that we have discussed above are known as spam emails or junk emails, there were times when one could d nothing to stop these emails but now with the advancements in the technologies and features one can easily block spam emails in Hotmail.

Here we will be discussing the exact process that the user should follow for blocking all such emails and for keeping the inbox of the Hotmail Email ID clean and sorted.

What is the process to block spam emails in Hotmail?

In order to block spam emails in Hotmail account the user should follow the given steps:

• On the computer or the laptop, the user should open any browser.
• On the browser, the user should open the Hotmail official website.
• The user should then login Hotmail account with an email ID and password.
• The user should further click “Hotmail X” which is the number of unread emails given on the top overview page.
• Then from the top right corner of the page, the user should click “options.”
• After that from the given menu, the user should click “More options.”
• After that, the user should click on “Safe and blocked senders.”
• Further, the user needs to click the option “blocked senders.”
• In the given field the user should enter the email address that is to be blocked.
• Then in the next step, the user should click the option “Add to list.”

Other than this there is one more alternate way through which the Hotmail users can block the spam emails and that is getting a junk mail blocked list created.

In order to get that list created the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should log in Hotmail account.
• From the upper right corner of the page should click “options”
• Further, should click “more options.”
• In the preventing junk email address, the user should click “Filters and reporting option.”
• Further, the user needs to click on “Exclusive “and then need to click on the “save” button.
• The Hotmail inbox will be clean of all the junk mails.

If even after this detailed discussion the user needs to know anything more than in that case the user should get in touch with technicians at Hotmail Support Number UK.