What should I do if Netflix Got hacked and E-mail Changed?

24 April 2021

Have you ever thought, what will happen if your Netflix account is hacked? Don’t be surprised, because it is very much possible that even your Netflix account can be hacked. This makes it an appealing target for hackers who like to enjoy TV shows and movies while allowing someone else to pay the bill. Sometimes hackers will change the password but nothing else, and other times they will not change anything. But it is easier for the hacker to change the email address linked with the Netflix account therefore they can take everything over.

Getting hacked is not acceptable at all and it is quite annoying when it occurs on the account with an active subscription, as it occurs that the users have to pay for the subscription and the hackers are taking the benefit of it. You easily can recover your account when Netflix got hacked and email changed by following a few steps.

What should I do if Netflix Got hacked and E-mail Changed?

Things to do to recover Netflix hacked account

This is the first thing which you want have to notice is that if there is something weird viewing activities in your account. You didn’t perform any activities which have been changed in your account then, there is a chance that you have been hacked. You can recover your hacked Netflix account on the Web and Mobile phone. We will discuss both of them one by one.

On Web

• First of all, login to the Netflix account and then, click on the drop-down profile icon that appears next to the notification icon that is appeared just the top-right of the screen
• Now, choose “Account” and scroll down to the “Profile and Parental Controls” section and then, expand the Netflix account
• After that, scroll down the options that appear under the account section and then, click on the “View” that appears next to the “Viewing Activity” option
• Go back to the main Account page and choose the “Recent Device Streaming Activity” under the “Settings” section to see the location from where your account has been logged in
• Check to get any regions or countries which differ from where you have been in the current times. Now, go to the “Settings” and then, choose “Sign out of all devices”
• Then, go back to “Account” and choose “Change Password” that is appeared at the top right of the screen
• Now, change the password and it is recommended to check the optional box that says “Require all devices to sign in again with a new password”

When you are done with the above steps, all devices will be automatically logged our link to the Netflix account and hence preventing the hacker from having access to the account again

On Smartphone

• First of all, login to your Netflix account on the smartphone and tap on “More” that find at the bottom right of the screen
• Then, choose “App Settings” and then, go to the “Action” from where you will get your email address and tap on it to change the password
• Authorize the Two-Step Authentication for the email address so that every time when you select to login and you will be sent an email which you should check before you are granted access to the account

If the hacker goes even further to damage with the login credentials like the email and possibly credit card details too and it will be impossible to get access via the Settings in the account and you have to get connected with the Netflix Customer Care Phone Number UK for any assistance. You can contact the experts anytime to get any assistance regarding the Netflix video streaming app.