What should I do to watch Netflix in Ultra HD?

24 June 2021

When it comes to streaming media, Netflix has become one of the most famous sources for on-demand entertainment. It is quite tough to find an app better than Netflix. With one of the largest libraries of TV shows and movies, Netflix is the best go-to place for the legacy and originals content alike.

Unfortunately, Netflix has one weakness is the reliance on high-bandwidth network connections to provide a crystal-clear viewing experience. If the favorite Netflix Originals are coming in at the lower resolutions that you would expect then, changing the picture setting is very easy. You can watch Netflix in Ultra HD and for that, we are here with the exact steps.

What should I do to watch Netflix in Ultra HD?

Change Netflix Picture Settings to Ultra HD

Before moving ahead with the resolution settings changes, it is worth making sure that you have a subscription through which you can watch HD or UHD content. Netflix starts at $8.99/ month, but to get access to sharper content, you will have to make the jump to the $12.99 or $15.99/ month plans. They allow for the UHD and HD respectively and upgrading how many devices one can stream at once.

Change Netflix Picture Settings on Browser

While watching Netflix’s content through a web browser, it is not obvious you can alter the playback settings, so there is nothing to worry about if you cannot find them right away. You will also need to make some changes for the smart TVs and streaming devices by logging into your Netflix account.

• First of all, log in and choose the profile and then, click on the down arrow by your profile name and then, choose Account
• Locate to the Profile and Parental Controls and click on the drop-down to the right of the profile
• In the Playback settings section, you will need to click on the Change
• In the Data usage per screen window, you have to click on High for HD and UHD quality and after that, click on Save to make it as default

Requirement for UHD Content Streaming

Streaming content in HD Ultra needs more than just a higher subscription level and changing some settings. All you need to do is to keep proper equipment that is compatible with the crisper content. Netflix suggests that you have the following:-

• The first and foremost an internet speed of at least 25mbps – you might want to use a physical Ethernet cable to enhance the internet speeds
• A 60 Hz monitor if you are streaming on a PC
• A TV that is compatible with HD Ultra content and the models can be found by visiting the Netflix Customer Care and typing in the TV Manufacturer

You will be ready to go and cab start enjoying HD Ultra content when you have fulfilled all the needs

Change Netflix Picture Settings on Android and iOS

Sometimes, streaming content on the go can consume more of the data plan and run down the phone battery as well. Downgrading visual quality will help to save on both elements. Thankfully, the picture settings in Netflix’s Mobile app on iOS and Android are quite easy to access.

• First of all, log in to Netflix and choose the profile (in case of having multiple profiles). Now, click on More that appears at the bottom of the iOS or Android screen
• Now, tap on App Settings, and for high-quality downloads, choose Download Video Quality in the Downloads section
• After that, tap on the High in the Download Video Quality options and for streaming, you have to scroll up the current App Settings menu and choose Cellular Data usage
• There, you have to turn Automatic Off and choose Maximum Data for the best HD Video quality

See, these are the exact steps to follow to watch Netflix in HD or Ultra HD quality but the basic things you must have is an excellent internet connection and the device compatible with Ultra HD quality.