What to do if yahoo mail is displaying incorrect name?

17 September 2020

Yahoo mail service is very easy to be used as and when it comes to the smooth exchange of emails among the people, yahoo is just like any other email service that allows the people to send and receive emails among themselves through the internet connection.

But the yahoo mail service is way ahead of the other email services in terms of technologies and the features that it offers to the users, so as it offers so many features and latest technologies to the people to use on their yahoo mail account so that is something that one can count as the reason for the popularity of the mail service among the people.

Sometimes the users are seen struggling with the features and the technologies of the yahoo mail account as they often end up being stuck into some, or the other technical issue. But the issues can be resolved easily under the guidance of trained experts.

Here the experts will guide the users for the resolution of the issue yahoo mail displaying incorrect name. If this is the case then the user should first of all check if the entered user name is correct or is there any typo in the user name.

If everything is in place then that means the user will have to get his yahoo mail username changed for that the user will have to follow a process stepwise.

What to do if yahoo mail is displaying incorrect name?

In order to get the yahoo mail username changed the user will have to follow the steps given below:

• The user should sign in yahoo mail.
• After that, the user should click on the settings menu icon in order to open the menu.
• Further, the user should click on “mailboxes.”
• Then the user should choose the account for which the username edit is needed.
• Then the user should click under the name and should choose the option either delete or edit.
• As the last step of the process, the user should click the option “save.”

After following the given process the user will be able to get the yahoo mail account user name changed, the mails that will be sent through yahoo mail after the completion of this process will be displaying a different username to the receiver of the mail.

But there is still a point that one should keep in mind while changing the username of the yahoo mail ID and that is if in case someone has saved the user’s contact with a particular name then whenever the user will send mail to that person then that person will not be able to see the changed username of the sender as to that person the mail will be sent by the name that he has saved for the sender in the list of contacts.

If any further assistance is required then to get it the user should get in touch with the yahoo mail technicians they are available for the help of the users all the time at Yahoo toll-free number.